USC Offers Graduate Transfer Lineman

Keldrick Wilson, an offensive lineman at Hampton, has been offered a scholarship by USC.

Wilson, who is 6-5, 299 pounds, would be immediately eligible. He has offers from West Virginia, Pitt and Indiana.

Hampton University plays in the Football Championship Subdivision and went 5-7 last season.

10 thoughts on “USC Offers Graduate Transfer Lineman

  1. Tony Boselli talks about his and his wife’s viral infection and recovery…

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      1. Based on Tony’s remarks and lots of others, this thing seems to be hitting guys a lot worse than women.

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      2. There doesn’t seem to be too big of a difference between how it affects Men and Women. In countries where men faired worse, smoking was the biggest factor for men getting more sick than women. Never smoked a cigarette in my life- hope it pays off if and when I get sick.

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  2. Players from D-II schools, D-111, schools, heck, players who played BB only have made it to the pros. A player can really develop from the ages of 18-22- either through a good strength and conditioning program or genetically. Different sport, but Dennis Rodman and David Robinson both grew almost a foot AFTER their FR seasons. A player is player regardless of ranking or where they came from.

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  3. It looks like USC will be blowing people off the ball with that patchwork offense line. And it’s a good thing that all Tim Drevno has to do is coach them up, according to several Clay Helton ass sucks.


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