Are You Watching USC-Texas?

9 thoughts on “Are You Watching USC-Texas?

    1. Why would they establish the USC president’s residence next to Westwood High? What’s wrong with Hancock Park? Or building a residence on campus?

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    2. Dear Pisley, one striking fact: the SUCCX President’s homes are nowhere near Clown U’s ugly campus. Hell, Santa Monica is UCLA westside land.

      I guess the bozo Presidental home motto is never live in or near the urban ghetto where the Clown U campus resides.


  1. Those were the days, back when USC was the top program in college football, before Pat Haden bowd to the NCAA and the program was destroyed…

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  2. A university spokesperson said: “It made financial sense to downsize to a less expensive, more efficient and much smaller property…the house is eco friendly with a full array of solar panels.”

    That makes it sound like a duplex she is sharing with execs from the Sierra Club.

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  3. Po’, Po’, Pisley’s Gopher hole was flooded today forcing Dear Pisley to relocate under a small dirt clod.


    1. Just Rent,

      It is way too early to take shrooms. Lay off the mushrooms and peyote. Who in tarnashin can understand you.


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