Lynn Swann Sells His House

It didn’t take long for Lynn Swann to sell his house.

The former USC athletic director sold his Hancock Park house for $3.56 million. He wanted $3,595,000 after he paid $3.08 million in 2017.

So what is Swann’s next move?

Will he stay in L.A., where he has been invisible the past six months? Or will he go back to Pittsburgh, where he is still regarded as a hero?

“Have you ever seen my house in Pittsburgh?” Swann said to me once, proud of his estate compared to what he could buy in Southern California.

Here is the Pittsburgh house, which sits on 5.2 acres.

Lynn and Charena Swann's home at dusk. It was designed by architect Tasso Katselas.

2 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Sells His House

  1. I just have to laugh at Morons & trust me he “ takes the cake”. Being an ex football success to now being a disgraced Trojan. I hope that he walks around his 5.2 acre home in Pittsburgh realizing that there is one thing more paramount than anything else-Reputation. In this world- there are no persons measured by materialistic things A persons character will always win out. I’m satisfied that #22 will forever be mocked and criticized by his own comments “We acknowledge our deficiencies in our staff,culture etc &”Clay has a plan &I believe in him” also giving a 5 year extension with a buyout “ that would give Warren Buffet a massive headache.” For example in today’s world money is no longer the priority being healthy is,mental health is the embodiment of physical well-being. I can attest that your reputation & the respect of others “ are your eyes “ for your happiness and good health.

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  2. I was absolutely shocked when I realized that Lynn Swann was a complete Idiot. If anybody should’ve recognized the lack of a championship culture at USC, it would’ve been Swann. It was almost as if he was a UCLA alum, the way he gave Clay Helton that extension. The imbecile played for John McKay, and Chuck Knoll for crying out loud, did he have his head up his ass the whole time ? One would never know that Pat Haden, and Swann played for the late, great McKay by the way they single handedly Fucked up Trojans football 🏈

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