USC Lands Safety Commitment

Xamarion Gordon, a three-or-four star safety from Warren High School in Downey, committed to USC today.

Rivals has him a three star. 247 has him a four star. Gordon is a Class of 2021 prospect. USC now has six commitments for 2021.

8 thoughts on “USC Lands Safety Commitment

  1. Several three star offensive lineman, 4 star everything else….where have I heard this story before? USC football Is on the annual Clay Helton, merry-go-round ride, the same thing, over and over, year after year. Then when it comes to gridiron time, the Trojans are just another PAC 12 team, struggling to get a win in a conference, that can’t even produce a playoff team . 😂😂

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    1. USC Fan Boy,

      I don’t know, but since we have changed the defensive coaches, it seems to me that the recruits are getting better. As discussed, if SC goes 11-2 and beats bama. ugly, and the irish, then recurits may come back. What is important is how the recruits feel about Helton. If he is the incompetent person and shows it on the field, then wehave hit the recruiting ceiling. If he shows that he is in charge and is competent, then recruiting will get better.

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    2. I think that is the cold hard truth. We can always roll out of bed and go get us a cool athlete, but the most important area that continues to fail each year is at OT. We lose out on every top Offensive Tackle in the country and now in the state more and more with Helton trying to BS us all that his 3-Star classes are good enough to win championships. This is gonna be the third year of his weak classes and the depth is gonna start showing pretty soon to really expose how far Clay Helton has buried our team. It’s been pretty average but he’s not finished. He won’t turn it around.
      Not Clay Helton.


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