USC Morning Buzz: Bad Timing For Carol Folt

I hear that Carol Folt and her team were not pleased with the timing of the story on USC buying her an $8.6 million house in Santa Monica.

They obviously knew the story was going to be published because Variety sought a comment on the purchase.

But the timing was bad for several reasons:

  • It occurred during the pandemic.
  • It stepped on the announcement that Folt would take a 20 percent pay cut.
  • It paints the opposite image Folt intended because she goes out of her way to meet workers at all levels at USC and now looks like an elitist.

At this point, Folt will just try to ignore the criticism.

One thing USC needs to avoid is trying to paint the official presidential estate in San Marino as being too big, too unmanageable or in need of repairs, which has been an excuse some used for the move.

Several officials who work at USC tell me they believe that is a smokescreen to justify Folt’s personal preference to live in Santa Monica.

What she probably doesn’t realize is USC is essentially losing a third historic home in two years. The famed Gamble House severed ties last year after USC ran it for 52 years.

The historic Gamble House in Pasadena

The owner of another historic landmark home in Pasadena (Arroyo del Rey) amended her will to no longer leave the house to the university last year.

Do you blame her? Especially after the USC-owned Freeman House in Hollywood, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, fell into disrepair and had valuable items stolen.

What’s the saying? Get your own house in order . . .

27 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Bad Timing For Carol Folt

    1. In the early days of the Renaissance writers used to refer to (and believe in) “indicators.” These were subtle signs or clues to the true nature of something (usually a person) —-signs anyone with ordinary powers of perception could ‘read.’ The way Folt treated the guy who asked her a question at the basketball game (‘you’re a jerk’) and her insistence she live in a lavish mansion —- count as “indicators.”

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      1. Good news Michael: “Hawaii, population 1.5 million, has only 351 confirmed Covid-19 cases, and three deaths, despite Honolulu being a densely-packed urban area and tons of tourist traffic from Asia in December and January.”


  1. Although San Marino is a nice place, I believe people should be able to live where they want . And if Carol Folt was concerned about her image, then she would finally get rid of that arrogant POS, Max Nikias , because a $9 million dollar house doesn’t outshine that mess

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    1. Should the Mayor of Los Angeles live in Denmark? How bout the pastor or priest at the local church? Or, the politicians? Should they live among their constituency? Home is where the heart is.

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    2. She can’t fire Nikias as he has tenure. His buddies on the BOT could suggest to him that it would be best for everyone if he retired, but unfortunately they won’t do that.

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  2. While people & business are trying to hang on….YES keep those donations coming so the privilege can enjoy….
    She is giving up 20% pay and other Adminns 10%… HELTON– zero he just’s keeps sucking $$$ from USC… and Nikas still has a office @ USC and on payroll??

    JUST keep sending in your $$$ and go sit in a corner… All will be good.

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    1. I object! We’re not dysfunctionally shooting ourselves in the foot, my dear friend….

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      1. I must object again, 67! They’re embarrassed….and confused…. and out of contention…..AND bankrupt….

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    2. Just ruin or rent,

      Unlike the Commie Atheist pigs of Thug U aka ruinville, aka U Clowns Lose Again. Thank God that they did not put that dump call U Clowns Lose Again in Pasadena. They were going to put it in the Hastings Ranch area. Keep that dump over in the westwerd part of town.

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  3. I didn’t know USC had so many distinguished properties around town, but I guess people leave them in their Wills. Then look what happens years later.

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  4. Poor bozo babies, just a reminder, UCLA had 135k + applications for freshman admittance for the class of 2024. I forget, how many 2024 applicants applied at auld Clown U?

    If you work all day at an ethically and morally bankrupt Methodist Univ. in the middle of a smoggy, dirty, urban ghetto, it’s not hard to fathom why Ms. Folt wishes to live within LA’s green westside.

    I would not be surprised if Ms. Folt took advantage of the many educational opportunities and cultural events UCLA offers on a yearly basis.

    I doubt Ms. Folt is interested in the Clown U class “Understanding and Communicating in Thug Rap Ebonics: 100.”


    1. Just rent,

      you are of U Clowns Lose Again mentailty and education. You are dumber than a bag of rocks. Once again, it is class time for you. It will always and will never change, the name; ucla stand for U Clowns Lose Again. There will be a final on this. For you since you are a ucla fan, the test will be graded on the curve and we will give you three out of four words.

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      1. Pas T,

        Please stay neutral on us hippies. I don’t know if I have what it takes to withstand the pounding mule takes.


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  5. Memo to: ’86

    Howard Cosell once remarked about all the criticism he received was much like chucking spitballs to sink a Battleship.

    ’86, a dumb f**k and proud of it.


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