No Fans In Stands In September?

Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom was asked today about the idea of playing NFL games in August and September with fans in the stands?

“I’m not anticipating that happening in this state,” Newsom said.

Newsom added the state would not feel comfortable re-opening stadiums until it would “have the appropriate community surveillance and testing” to identify who is infected and “that’s not something I anticipate happening in the next few months.”

USC plays New Mexico on Sept. 12 and Arizona State on Sept. 26 at the Coliseum.

56 thoughts on “No Fans In Stands In September?

  1. I have a question. I’ve been to the Post Office. I’ve been to Costco. I’ve been to Safeway. They’re all following reasonable precautions and going about their business. Is there some reason barber shops and restaurants and, yes, even sports stadiums can’t do the same thing?
    Weird Department: My son is best buddies with a Bay Area emergency response worker. As of yesterday they’ve had zero coronavirus- related calls. That’s ZERO, as in less than one.

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    1. You show your ignorance and stupidity in this case. Where do you live.?
      Obviously not in New York or Northern Italy. People are not waiting for
      Paramedics going directly to the hospitals once they become that sick.
      Your son’s friend is full of crap. Another conservative asshole posting
      political digs on. a sports blog. If anyone’s hair is a joke it is Trump.

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      1. Just wondering why it took Nyc so long to isolate and segregate its people…why were they (nyc gov officials) against shutting down travel? And why did they call Trump racist for shutting down travel when he did. Do you even know the story of why they are so far ahead of us in deaths?
        And don’t even start about Italy. Your implication that you can’t know unless you there makes you as stupid as those you berate, only perhaps even a big more.

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    2. The reaction to this is so far gone it’s beyond comprehension.
      I was in the grocery store today and they had a guy telling everyone to stay 6 feet apart, my wife said I’m with him, he said stay 6 feet apart, I hugged my wife and the guy nearly lost his mind

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      1. Budda,

        I love what you did. People are walking next to each other, they ar hugging, and in close contact. Im not a dr., but if you use common sense, you can open up restuarants and other businesses. you just have to make sure that people are far away from each other.

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    3. Whether you’re conservative or a Libtard like I am, I wouldn’t want to contract Covid-19. MG, you’re gonna do what you like- just like 67, gt, pudly and the rest of the conservative bloggers here. I wouldn’t wish the disease on anyone and would rather overreact than do nothing. Stay safe, amigos and keep your distance, please.

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      1. I get it, Arturo. I want everybody to be safe, too. I do think we can be safe AND begin getting certain sectors of the economy up and running at the same time. This is an integrated problem …and it requires an integrated response.

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  2. Not to criticize any policy makers, but the U.S. suffered 100,000 influenza deaths in the winter of 2017-18. And no one seemed to do anything about it.

    Now we seem to be willing to shut down much of the economy to contain the spread of Corona, and a vaccine is many months away. So what is the game plan after another month of this?


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    1. I know the virus is real. I think our reaction is understandable. But it hasn’t been very smart. It’s time to give most businesses (and all universities) reasonable guidelines for safe operation and let them get back to doing what they do. Customers (and students) can further protect themselves by taking their own reasonable precautions.

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      1. You know MG, that’s what they did during the 1917 – 20 influenza pandemic.

        The result anywhere from 20 million to 35 million people died worldwide. In fact, Trump’s Grandfather died of Influenza during the Pandemic.

        The Governors of CA and Washington State were working weeks ahead of Trump to minimize the spread of CV-19. At the same time the Trump Administration claimed 1) CV-19 was a hoax; 2) The CV-19 pandemic was a Democratic Party conspiracy to unseat Donnie J.

        And last but not least MG, Donnie J. has stated emphatically, he “…takes no responsibility…” for his Administration’s lack of foresight in controlling the US CV-19 pandemic – not his yob!

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      2. Even then they accused him of being racist, then again when he wanted to inhibit travel for Italians into the states…nuttin butt losers….

        And as is always the eternal truth, westwood SUCKS!!

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    1. Nice one, Rick! I am thinking that our Gavin is using something 10 times as expensive as the good old stuff, but it has the exact same effect.


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    2. Agree MG. I appreciate reading your comments during this lockdown period.

      We need to start planning how we open up CA for business once these stay at orders end.
      I am no expert but think (hope) by May 1st we will gradually see restaurants abd other small businesses start to open.

      I am certain the owner of the Rams will have a talk with Gavin. Once Stan mentions he won’t be donating to Gavin’s 2024 Presidential campaign you will see the governor change his tune

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      1. One must assume BT you’re a medical expert in influenza pandemics.

        BT, just for curiosity’s sake, from what medical school were you awarded your M.D. Degree?

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  3. Galvin Newsome comes from the same cloth as Naplatono, Brown, and other stupid ass liberals. They came from Santa Clara University. That no good bum along with Garrecti are dictating to us what to do. This is a draconian state which makes the Nazis look like cream puffs. Was this voted upon? No. They just went to a microphone and said they are shutting down everything. Consitutional Rights are being stomped on. People are getting tickets for over $400 for being too close to anyone. This is insane. You might as well throw them in the gulag. Newsome is a creep, just like the snake oil salesman Brown and the witch Napaltono.

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      1. Owns, my friend, don’t dip into the muck and mire. Keep it factual; you have all the reason on your side. Money isn’t more important than lives.


    1. Lawsuits are coming outta this (not that it makes me happy —it’s just a fact). Small business owners are calling their insurers to find out if their business interruption insurance covers a pandemic….and they’re being told ‘it doesn’t matter—you’re not closed cuz of any pandemic, you’re closed by order of the Mayor.’

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      1. Michael, Poor Owns has been feeling blue ever since the authorities determined earlier today that washing cars at the Famous Cerritos Auto Square (South Street, South Street) was NOT an essential service.

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    2. Putting aside imbibing, (for owns’ sake), and putting aside the virus response, can anyone identify a good policy put in place by Newsom since Gov? Sorry for taking this far afield, but PT’s post makes a very good point IMHO.

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      1. ’67 with all due respect, you are proof that blind ignorance is not only bliss but highly contagious.

        It is my opinion ’67, any Newson action designed to protect your family’s health and welfare deserves your respect.

        However, should your family experience CV-19 at it’s worst (And I hope not), you ’67, will no doubt blame Newsome for not implementing more stringent quarantine requirements.

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      2. Relax, my friend. Newsom is doing the best he can….

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      3. P. S.
        Newsom bugs me and 67 —not cuz of corona — but because he was once married to Kimberly Gilfoyle…..

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      4. owns, you don’t read.

        My post about Newsom states “Aside from the virus response.”

        So what do you write? You write about the virus response…

        Shaking my head…again and again.

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      5. Remember when Governor Mimbo had the power companies cut off our electricity last Fall everytime the wind started to blow instead of cutting down the trees and brush around the power lines? That was a great policy.

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      6. Whoa, 67! I just re-read your post. You definitely earned a King’s X on coronavirus critiques….

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      7. Arturo — I hear Kimberly actually is pretty real in person. I can’t vouch for this story but a buddy of mine says when he working at the Criminal Courts building (or the Hall of Justice or whatever they call it in San Francisco), he once saw Kimberly munching on a bag of See’s candy and asked if he could have one — and Guilfoyle said, “you can have the one in my mouth.”

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      8. P.P.S.
        I have profaned Kimberly’s name, Arturo. It turns out it was my buddy who was eyeing the bag of candy and —- being seen by Kimberly — was kindly offered a piece….and ungallantly said he wanted the piece in her mouth…..

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