A Game With No Fans Would Be Further Drain On USC Coffers

Imagine if USC played two home football games without fans?

Even with season-ticket sales down and general attendance down, that’s still a lot of lost revenue including concessions, parking, etc. USC losing two of its six home games would be a rough way to start the season. If there is a season.

The combination of the coronavirus and the clayvirus is a tough punch for USC’s coffers.

Just to be clear, I have no problem with closed-stadium games and no fans. But will health officials allow football to be played by September? Who knows?

And what fans want to experience the above scene? They better pass out face masks outside the Coliseum if fans are allowed.

Some alternate takes on this morning’s post:

  • Carol Folt is really an eco-warrior, that’s why she needed that $8.6 million house.
  • The presidential estate is a symbol of the greed of Max Nikias. Why is USC still paying Nikas six figures and making him a “life trustee” on the Board of Trustees if it needs to shed his legacy?

Also, the house has been home to USC presidents since 1979. Nikias became president in 2010.

  • Keonilei Akana, who was the state girls’ volleyball player of the year in Hawaii, has signed with Nebraska after getting released from her letter of intent with USC.

9 thoughts on “A Game With No Fans Would Be Further Drain On USC Coffers

    1. If you want to know what it’d be like playing without fans….ask the ruins. They’ve done it for years!

      Hahahahaha! 💋off owns! westwierd SUCKS!

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      1. Remember the ruins flood the end zones with free tickets given to unsuspecting high school students (who think they are going to see real college football) to pump up the fake attendance numbers.

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    2. And after getting the free tix and watching the gutties, that pretty much hard wires any chance that they would ever go to ucla…


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