Former USC Tailback Involved In Serious Car Crash

There was a horrible car accident today in Monrovia when an alleged street racer lost control of his Mustang and slammed into an SUV, according to police.

According to several sources, the driver of the Mustang was former USC tailback Sultan McCullough.

He is currently in the intensive care at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. I’m told he was responsive tonight.

For details on the car crash, here is a story.

12 thoughts on “Former USC Tailback Involved In Serious Car Crash

  1. Dumbass. He’s lucky he didn’t kill a child or anyone else, for that matter. What business does a 39 or 40 year old man having doing drag racing on a major public street, or anywhere else, for that matter? I hope he makes full recovery and changes his ways.

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    1. Sultan McCullough, SUCCX grad and reckless AH, not wearing his seatbelt, street racer.

      The O/U McCullough BAC: an easy 1.1



      1. Seems to me I remember a UCLA punter who was in a serious accident on the 405 and got out and ran from the scene also leaving his girl friend who injured in the vehicle. Pure unadulterated cowardice. Thanks Owns for reminding me.

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      2. Hate to bust your bubble there was not alcohol involved. You you people are sick! Find GOD and go sit somewhere and Pray


    2. Most people who follow USC are of the opinion that Sultan is one of the fastest RBs who ever played for USC. Now, speed may have hurt him real bad — or perhaps even worse.

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      1. Not only was the fastest, but also the dumbest. He tattooed his own mother’s name on his chest and misspelled it. Yet still scored too high on his college entrance exams to settle on attending Cal’s extension campus in Westwood. He would have been an honors student at UCLgAy

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  2. Street racing, so senseless and dangerous to behave this way. His niece died in a car accident in a car that ran out of gas on the freeway. Very sad he doesn’t understand the responsibility of having driving privileges.


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