Sultan McCullough Update

Former USC tailback Sultan McCullough remains at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena.

He suffered a broken shoulder, underwent surgery for abrasions on his thighs and might need a finger amputated. He did not have any internal bleeding. It is also not known at this time if he is able to walk.

16 thoughts on “Sultan McCullough Update

  1. It could have been so much worse. Many of the kids, having been completely absorbed by their sport from 14-22 years old, have no idea how to make it on their own when their eligibility is done. Some make it, but others don’t. Why not take some of the revenue created from the profitable sports – revenue that players like McCullough create – and use these resources to help these athletes figure things out. Can’t save everyone, but perhaps many of these types of situations could be avoided.

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    1. Um, he had the chance to get a million dollar degree, if he didn’t already get one, and make something of himself FOR FREE. If he chose to be a fuck up, that’s on him. But with ESPN now broadcasting high school games, regional FOX channels etc, these kids think they are NFL bound and don’t have to do shit in school, and the admins of many of the high schools are more than willing to look the other way or place these kids in dumb dumb classes to keep them playing.

      He’s 40 years old, if he hasn’t grown up by now, then ……………………..

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      1. BK, agree with much of what you point out. For those like McCullough, if a college is going to recruit them, then they should help them once they are on campus. If USC made a significant effort to help him get a degree (I don’t know if he graduated or not), then I am wrong in the criticism. But if they just bumped him through useless pass/fail classes that required next to nothing to keep him eligible, then that is something different and perhaps more could have been done.

        Anyway, glad that the carnage wasn’t worse.

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      2. I feel like the things that’s being discussed here is very disrespectful. What Sultan, his Mother & Our Family need is Prayer, Love and POSITIVE Energy. Thank You & be Blessed! Im writing this comment to the negative things I’ve read.


      3. I respect you option, but you sound like someone who doesn’t know this man and just look at him as another black athlete. You assume he isn’t a productive member of society and that he is just a fuck up. He may or may not have taken a risk by racing a car if that is what really happen, but how many risk do you take everyday in your own life. Perhaps working long hour when you know you are tired and need sleep but still drive home (Over 100,000 driving drowsy crashes are reported each year) , or even after having a few drinks with friend and you decide to still drive home. Anyone of these risk could go bad on any given day.

        How about not judging and instead have some compassion for a fellow Trojan.


    1. In times like these be considered of the family..Keep your negative opinions to yourself. ..We all make mistakes and as long as we live we should all give thanks to God for our own lives..Say a prayer and be thankful it’s not someone in your family…Love you Mabel..


    1. If he was running in a straight line there wasn’t anyone who could catch Sultan, he had trouble getting past the linebackers usually but if he did you weren’t gonna catch him. He played on a lot of bad SC teams and didn’t show what he really could do until the last part of his career when Pete arrived but he showed up the season we had him and Justin Fargas running the ball for us.

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  2. McCollough’s ‘stang is around 50 years old. I don’t think God and 12,000 Angels could convince a jury that Sultan’s racing accident is Ford’s responsibility.


  3. Sultan is more than just a football player. He is a father, brother, son, friend and much more to others who KNOW him. I find it pretty distasteful to cast judgement on him , his career and choices in life , while he lays in a hospital bed.
    As a human kind we must do better. Especially in today’s times…I get it some of y’all are bored , but take the time to work on self, oppose to criticizing others.

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