USC Keeps Billing Fans (Naturally)

I mentioned this morning that people who joined the Trojan Athletic Fund and pay monthly got billed April 1.

USC recently extended the renewal deadline for the Trojan Athletic Fund to May 13. But if you joined on time and make monthly payments, you got charged in April. That doesn’t seem like a progressive approach to dealing with a pandemic, which we keep getting told USC athletics is ahead of the curve on.

USC has not said anything about the Coliseum Restoration Fee, aka seat license. Those payment plans come due May 1.

The Trojan Athletic Fund is basically anyone who pays between $200-$50,000 per year to USC and allows them to get better seats at football games.

In past years, you could spread the pain out in equal installments through October. This year, they cut that time frame to August. 

2 thoughts on “USC Keeps Billing Fans (Naturally)

  1. People who pay those outrageous fees aren’t interested in competitive football, they’re just being loyal to their university. The administration has fazed out the Interest of the local, common football fan, by lowering their expectations of the head coach .

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  2. CASH FLOW is needed immediately to pay for all the mistakes made by a poorly run athletic dept. I thought all Trojans stick together in a time of need. Loyalty is a two way street not one way.

    Clay Helton is sitting at home watching Leave it to Beaver on a daily basis and making millions while doing it. It shows how stupid he is sending out a daily video of non football activity during a pandemic while everyone else in America suffers. I am not surprised that he did not volunteer to take a pay cut also like the rest of the USC administrators and faculty have which kind of shows you who the real Clay Helton is. I guess he knows the best plan is to take the free money from USC while it lasts.

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