USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

Here are winners and losers of the week:


USC football recruiting

Some of these commitments might change their mind and the class is really nothing special by traditional USC standards. But any commitments are positive news these days, especially when dealing with the Clayvirus.

Carol Folt

USC bought her the $8.6 million home of her dreams with an ocean view in Santa Monica and she agreed to a 20-percent pay cut, which helps her image.

USC basketball assistant Jason Hart

He keeps bringing in recruits and graduate transfers and never gets tainted by the underachievement.

The Coliseum

If the Rams cannot finish their new stadium in time and games are allowed, the club could be back at the Coliseum for a few more games. Remember, the Rams originally were supposed to leave the Coliseum after 2018.

USC 2005 football team

Last week’s showing of the USC-Texas Rose Bowl brings back painful memories for some, but it also highlights how great things were, especially compared to the Helton era.


Carol Folt

Is this the most tone-deaf decision in USC history? Hello? There’s a pandemic! USC hasn’t refunded any student for renting a dorm they haven’t lived in for weeks but at least the president has a multi-million dollar house.

Clay Helton

Please, please, please stop making videos.

Trojan Athletic Fund members

Did you like getting billed April 1 for your monthly payment? Guess the coronavirus crisis didn’t affect that, huh?

Rick Caruso

He told the L.A. Times the presidential estate in San Marino requires $20 million in repairs. Why did you let it fall into such as state of disrepair? More on this later.

Mike Bohn

The thought of no fans at the Coliseum in September (at least) and plunging season-ticket sales are not what he signed up for.

22 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. If the San Marino estate needs $20 million dollars in repairs, then why was Max Nikias living in it two years ago? The same people who believe that bull shit, are the same ones who think boneless chicken wings are wings without the bone, as oppose to chunks of white breast meat. 😂

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  2. So I see Scott’s page isn’t immune to scammers. One of the ads I got this morning is for hand sanitizer- but homeinmart and a bunch of identical sites like this are scams. They only sell toilet paper, masks and sanitizer. They straight up a scam according to people who have spent as much as $86.00 for toilet paper and received nothing.
    Buyer beware- get discount football tickets to Ucla games at Ralph’s-about as good as toilet paper and half the price.

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      1. Thing is after you attend a UCLA Rose Bowl game your car is still where you parked after the game.

        At a fb game at Crumbling Mausoleum, it’s even money your vehicle will be stolen before the end of the 1st quarter. But after 12 – 14, $22.00, 6 oz Fireballs, SUCCX fatcats don’t care.


  3. Scott is very spot on with all winners and losers. The Carol Folt deal is bad optics, yet again. If you don’t want to live in San Marino, I get it, but sell that house first, or rent it, and then buy the Santa Monica house. She worries about entitlement that has been a catch phrase at USC, and then she embodies the adjective. I wish someone would buy me my house! And, the Helton videos? I made the same request, please don’t make those videos. The man has #norespect. And he is an embarrassment to the program.

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    1. Wow! I really have to disagree on the Helton video comment. I’ve never before seen a man combine clueless self righteousness with a completely insincere monotone for 2 straight minutes. I’ve watched it 70 or 80 times and I’m still amazed…


  4. The problem starts with Rick Caruso and the BOT. Given all of the problems that have occurred on his watch, he really should step down and urge some of the other BOT members to do as well.

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      1. Michael, Caruso and his BOT buddies are completely blinded by their arrogance. I don’t wish him as mayor on the good people of LA, but that would be one way to get him off the BOT…

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      2. 67 —Watch him get a City Attorney opinion that says he can be both….

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  5. Folt has agreed to a 20% cut in her “presidential salary”. We’d need to see her tax returns for next year to see if her total compensation has been reduced by one penny.

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  6. No question Jason Hart is a strong reason for kids coming into the program but what SCOTT WOLF ALWAYS MAKES A MISTAKE POINTING OUT is that Andy Enfield has strong ties in the NBA and believe it or not the 2 games he won making the Sweet 16 at a school like Florida Gulf Coast with Dunk City and now with four 20 win seasons at a school like USC who was scoring 44ppg before he arrived these are all big time selling points that hold weight in the minds of parents and their kids. First Wolf would praise Tony Bland as the reason for USC and recruiting, now that he’s gone it’s magic dust has only went sprinkled into Jason Hart according to Wolf. Well news flash….Hart is putting in work but the other SC sites give Enfield a thumbs up as recruiter so Wolf you need to be a journalist and stop allowing what you hope to be true take over the job you get paid to do.


      1. Wolf misleads people who don’t know and would like get some actual intel or at least information and opinions that stay in the ballpark of the truth. The number of created stories or his p.o.v. compared to others that follow the USC could be slander in a court room haahaaa I’m kidding! But when does he ever have a complete positive view? It’s one thing to be unbiased because that is a respectful and sometimes hard way to keep up in the sports world i would imagine but I’ve never seen him give the respect towards anything USC without sneaking in a cheap shot somewhere or trying subliminally hide one. I think deep down he feels he cannot change now because he’s in too deep. He’s made too many friends that are not of the Trojan fan base and they won’t like that 😀


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