Could College Football Season Just Keep Playing Through To February?

There has been talk about the college football season starting later this year than scheduled.

But Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock said at a press conference today he wouldn’t mind if football overlapped with basketball.

“We would be open to shifting the season, even if it overlapped with other sports,” Babcock said.

Babcock stressed he would not hold games unless it was safe for students and fans to return.

But his willingness to play regular-season games into January shows how important football revenues are to every athletic dept. that plays the sport.

Schools do not want to lose that TV money or ticket revenue. Does that mean conference games in late December? Bowls in January?

I think many athletic directors would prefer starting a month late and playing a full season to canceling the first four games of the season.

21 thoughts on “Could College Football Season Just Keep Playing Through To February?

  1. There are few things that could spark Trojan renewal, like spanking Alabama. Protecting that opportunity seems logical, if you think you’re holding a winning hand…

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      1. gt –I get [and kinda like] what Stephen is saying … but, as for me, I wouldn’t mind avoiding Alabama. I don’t think our o-line is up to the challenge…..


      2. That’s what Helton, Kiffin and Sarkisian have done to the program. USC football is supposed to play anyone, anytime, anywhere….now fans are so desperate to make the playoff, they’ll Texas two step to get there, and make it look good. Crush Alabama, take charge!


      3. Besides, you said you planned on going. Maybe, you’re chicken of the sea, Maui Mike….


      4. Our date with destiny will probably come off as scheduled, Stephen…..

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  2. I don’t care how the NCAA handles the football season, I just want to make sure the Trojans lineup against the Alabama Crimson Tide for their first game. That lopsided beat down should get the ball rolling on a decision about Clay Helton 😀


  3. While I think playing CFB into February would be awesome, I don’t think it would be as easy for some schools like it would be for the California schools.

    Can you imagine trying to travel through Pennsylvania, Ohio or Illinois in the dead of winter? And, some of their November games are chilly but games in January would be downright freezing.

    Another issue might be scheduling conflicts. Some venues have concerts or other events scheduled because they know the venue is available. But pushing the season back might cause some events to overlap.




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      1. Not a New Year’s Day Six game. But the regular rivalry game if the season is pushed back.

        If the game is pushed back a month like this blog post says it could conceivably be USC-UCLA around New Year’s instead of around Thanksgiving.



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      2. I hear you, but I’m thinking that it is just against the natural order of the universe for the gutties to play on New Year’s Day, even if it was a delayed regular season game.

        Just wouldn’t be right. They’ll have to pick another day.

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      3. Ha! “Defile.” “Perversion of Natural Order.” “Just not right.” All the words and phrases that come to mind when discussing bru-children ……

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      4. Ha! Now that Chip is no longer hanging out at the Westwood donut shop, maybe he can slim down and wear a smaller bra.

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