Would Max Nikias Really Let Estate Fall Into Dire Condition?

The first time Max Nikias crossed my radar was back in 2005 was when he became provost.

A member of his staff marveled at the renovations that were taking place to his new office.

“He has to be the next president because I doubt they would allow this to happen for just a normal provost,” the staffer told me.

Years later, Nikias would tell me personally how he micro-managed construction projects, even personally picking the type of trees that would line walkways. He was a big fan is of spires and redesigned the Hecuba statue when it did not meet his wishes.

I mention all this because I find it hard to believe that Nikias would live in the presidential mansion in San Marino for eight years and allow it to fall into such a state of disrepair that it requires $20 million in renovations, according to Rick Caruso.

Even a realtor familiar with the house said they doubted that story. But it is a good defense when the new president wants to live by the beach.

6 thoughts on “Would Max Nikias Really Let Estate Fall Into Dire Condition?

  1. It seems like everyone associated to the USC administration have become bold face liars in recent years, and because they get away with it, it’s become more blatant. I bet Rick Caruso is so arrogant, that he actually believes people bought into his bullshit about the the estate needing $20 million dollars in repairs. Wealthy individuals like him are never questioned, which is why he’s so comfortable spewing out the comical nonsense.

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