Pick Your 3 Top USC Wide Receivers

Mike Williams, Keyshawn Johnson, Robert Woods. USC asked to pick 3 the other day on twitter. That’s my answer.

  • Today was supposd to be the USC spring game.
  • What are the odds USC sells face masks for the school logo during football season?
  • Five-star basketball player Ziaire Williams will announce his college choice Sunday. USC, Stanford and Arizona are believed to be his final three choices.

52 thoughts on “Pick Your 3 Top USC Wide Receivers

  1. Williams, Keyshawn, and Marquise. Only saw Swann as a Steeler. Dwayne Jarret was one heck of a downfield blocker and had the most clutch reception.

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      1. Right up there with Sam Dickerson’s grab in the corner of the end zone, 1969. Incredibly underrated receiver with sprinter speed. RIP, Sam.

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      2. Williams, Keyshawn and JuJu

        How about top 3 catches since 1980:

        I saw these three catches in person:

        Had a field pass for USC Vs Oregon State and witnessed Mike Williams one-handed catch. Simply awesome!!

        Juju’s catch in 2107 Rose Bowl in 4th quarter was spectacular as well as impactful.

        Fref Cornwell’s catch from John Mazur against # 2 Oklahoma in Sept 1981 was great and kept us still ranked #1.

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      3. Micheal, even after 50 years, the gutties claim Sam was out of bounds on the reception.



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      4. 67 –The great Jim Murray wrote that the television cameras picked up a gleam coming off of Jimmy Jones’ helmet right before he threw the pass to Sam.

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      5. That play has to be in the top 3 with OJ’s run against UCLA (Didn’t see it) and Charles White taking the Kickoff back to start the 2nd half against Notre Dame (Again didn’t see it).
        I don’t believe we ever shouted louder for any game. There were at least 15 of us all dogpiled from somehow throwing ourselves on the floor after Jarrett made that catch and kept on running LOL!


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      1. Conway in my opinion could have done well at quarterback in 1992 if that opportunity had presented itself. No disrespect to Reggie Perry and Rob Johnson but Curtis Conway was electric with the ball.

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    1. All good names, Pasadena. So many talented WRs over the years, and difficult to compare across eras. There is also Johnnie Morton and Steve Smith.

      If Mike Williams had not make the mistake of declaring, and had stayed for another year, he would have rewritten pretty much every record.

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      1. 67 — Owns wanted me to tell you that he thinks watching that play (with all it’s baked in pain and humiliation) HAS gotten old.

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      2. Michael, that ’69 game was the beginning of the end of the gutties. A 50-year slide that has brought them to where they are today. With Chip and his man-bra, and the ubiquitous 80 yard practice field.

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      3. 67 –Ha! [I wish Pudly could get us a hidden camera video of Chip strapping up]…..

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      4. P. S.
        I really think that sometimes the bruins lose just cuz they have stomach aches from looking to the sidelines….

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      5. That’s how you run a play!
        You hike the ball, you run, you block and then throw the ball.

        Now every other pass play the Oline has to hold a block for 8 seconds.

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    2. In 1974 McKay caught so MANY passes in that 55 -24 thrashing of Notre Dame that we tend to forget how great every single one of his catches was. There was no single “decider.” He just kicked their ass all day long.

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      1. gt –Coach McKay must’ve been so proud of his son that day. As Tom Kelly put it, “Haden and J. K. tore Notre Dame apart.”

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  2. Bobby Chandler is right up there at the top maybe not as good as Robert Woods but a terrific player.

    For tight ends I take- Bob Klein, Charles Young, and even though he did not have a great NFL Career Dominique Byrd he was terrific in the 2004 Orange Bowl vs. Oklahoma.

    JK Mckay was a terrific college receiver also. Just ask Notre Dame and Ohio State. Randy Simmirin, was a good player also just ask Vince Evans.

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  3. Keary Colbert may have been the most consistent during the early Pete years with the other guys being more flashy.

    And I remember whenever a great USC receiver came along that they always compared him to Hal Bedsole. He was the measuring stick for WR’s for USC receivers in the decades to come. Never saw him because I’m not that old but maybe an old timer can weigh in on Bedsole.

    As for me, I would pick Marqise, Keyshawn and Mike Williams. In that order.



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  4. The only concern I have with this poll from USC is that they are focused too much on the WR’s. They think USC is based on a passing legacy when instead the heritage was built on tough OL and spectacular RB’s.

    Shows how out of touch Heritage Hall is if they think talking about recent WR success is what USC is all about. They might be dumb enough to promote Harrell to HC once Helton is gone.



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      1. Sam —Petros scored a couple of awfully nice touchdowns inside the five— showing very little concern for his own health and safety….

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  5. Honesty I think Keary Colbert and Steve Smith can all be in the discussion with all of those great wide receivers. Colbert and Smith were automatic when you threw to them. You need that first down who do you throw to? It always seemed like they did all the dirty work and made the tough plays. I don’t know if they are in my top 3 but if someone had them in there I wouldn’t argue that at all.

    His teams weren’t that bad so no excuses.. Keyshawn never beat UCLA or Notre Dame so C’MON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      1. Keyshawn was awesome certainly one of the best ever at SC.
        My only beef…….he’s actually one of the reasons Clay Helton was hired at USC. He gave the team a talk at one of the practices with Willie McGinnist but it KJ that brought up coaches and who it could be. Forget about Chip Kelly or any of the others he told them which was good advice but he planted in their minds that Helton can be the coach if they play well.. Maybe his delivery of the point was off but he got the ball rolling for Helton and the team was even more eager to play for Helton and not for the pride of the season. That’s what I remember. But he wanted Helton fired later. It has nothing to do with him as a player but his open personality and talking helped bring us The Helton Era. I know, I know but I can’t let this one go Michael 🙂

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      2. There are things I saw in person about Keyshawn’s greatness that I will never forget. He caught about 12 passes in a row in one drive in the 4th quarter against the ruins in ’95, but the drive took so long you could hear groans from the SC fans and after we finally scored we couldn’t get the ball back. In the 1996 Rose Bowl I watched him dominate the Wildcat secondary in the 4th quarter to win the game. Both the ruins and NW defenses simply could not stop him.

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      3. I get it, Sam!

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    1. Kiffin had a great group of pass catchers. He could recruit offensive playmakers that’s a fact.
      1. Robert Woods
      2. Marquis Lee
      3. George Farmer
      4. Nelson Agholar

      Darreus Rogers had a solid ending to his career later after Kiffin, and Buck Allen was one of our best pass catchers his last year he had over 40 catches.
      Did not qualify!
      Markeith Ambles
      Kyle Prater
      Brice Butler

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      1. I agree. Coming from a trio Lee and Woods who were recognized as HUUUUUUGE talents Farmer was the one that could have played any skill position offensively and play DB at a high level according to scouts. He has a tough career unfortunately.

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      2. Farmer looked great when he was out speeding Notre Dame defenders into the end zone —- he just couldn’t run routes the way the rest of his USC recruiting class could.
        [If memory serves, he looked pretty good at tailback in one game, too]…..

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