USC Morning Buzz: Tom Herman Explains Firing Assistants

Texas coach Tom Herman made some interesting comments about the Longhorns last season during an interview with

“I wasn’t being the best head coach that I could be. I had not done a great job overseeing the defense,” Herman said. “And then at the same time, because there are some things that are non-negotiable that I have to do, I wasn’t being the best offensive coordinator that I could be.”

Herman blamed himself but also made it clear he didn’t think former defensive coordinator Todd Orlando did a great job either.

“On defense, the buck stops here. 7-5 in the regular season is not good enough at Texas. I felt like we didn’t do a great job playing to our strengths and developing some of the really young talent that we had,” Herman said.

“As the leader of the organization, it’s my job to assess every aspect, from the janitorial staff to the offensive and defensive coordinator. When I feel like we’re not up to the standard that Texas has, then it’s either my job to educate the current people that are there and give them the tools necessary to do a better job or to make a change. We felt like this was in the best interest of Texas and have never looked back.”

It definitely sounds like Herman thought he had gone as far as he could with Orlando and offensive coordinator Tim Beck. Both were fired after the season.

Time will tell if he was right. But as I’ve noted before, Orlando’s usually done better at the outset and then experienced a decline with his defenses at past jobs. And USC (Clay Helton) wants a quick fix.

14 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Tom Herman Explains Firing Assistants

  1. Tom Herman BSd his way to the top with his “genius” schitck and now that it’s collapsing he needs to survive. Texas and USC are a lot alike and if you let the players run the asylum they will ruin your career.

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  2. It makes no difference what Todd Orlando did at Texas, where he had all the resources in the world that a College football program can offer, but still couldn’t get it done. Because he’s at the mystical, magical campus at USC now, assisting a much more knowledgeable coach then Tom Herman . So look for Orlando to field one of the best defenses in the upcoming season, because he knows how to shout, and talk tough 😂😂. Yeah, that outta get the Trojans into the playoffs, don’t believe me, then ask any Clay Helton ass lick 👅.


    1. Can boy can’t figure out the difference between then and than, can’t figure out that it wasn’t Seth Littrell and WAS Graham Harrell. Now he can’t find any anecdotal evidence from Austin about what’s REALLY going on at ut.
      Keep posting because you have always been more a comedic relief than a real football opinion.

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    2. Fabulous and phenomenal post. I am truly hoping that you can get a better job with that sense of humor. Your sarcasm is better than Michael. Based on this post your atop of the standings now. I’m so appreciate you for giving me my smile for the day. Thank You.


  3. Desperate, but predictable move by Herman. Bringing in 2 new coordinators buys him one more year than he otherwise would have had before getting fired.

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    1. 67 —Totally off subject. The people on Maui are the sweetest people on earth —but L. A. humor is not on the list of things they appreciate. Yesterday lots of my neighbors were walking around the (closed) golf course next to our property. All were wearing these scarves around their faces, covering their nose and mouth. I saw them through the window and cut two eye holes out of my wife’s black scarf, put it on like a Zorro mask and went out to join them. The wife of one of my buddies said, “Michael –you need to cover your nose and mouth.” I went “Oh, I thought you just needed a mask.” She said “You can’t even pull yours down now cuz it has holes in it.”

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  4. Herman’s interview is an example of deflection at it’s very best. Andy Warhol said the 2 Commandments for dealing with failure are (1) don’t complain about a situation while you’re in the situation and (2) when it’s over, blame it on somebody else and make it stick. Herman has added a twist —- take responsibility for the situation (but in a real half assed way)—then proceed to follow the 2 Commandments to the letter.

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