USC Basketball Adds Long Beach State Transfer

Joshua Morgan, a 6-11 forward at Long Beach State, announced he will transfer to USC.

Morgan averaged 8.4 points, 6.1 rebounds and 2.5 blocks last season. He was named Big West defensive player of the year.

Morgan will sit out next season and have three seasons of eligibility.

He had 11 points and six rebounds vs. USC last season in a game the Trojans won, 87-76.

9 thoughts on “USC Basketball Adds Long Beach State Transfer

    1. A really significant pickup for Enfield and the team because this kid plugs in the hole since Evan Mobley will be a one and done. Enfield has been doing well as of late to end the season with some big wins and now continuing on the recruiting trail.
      I don’t think we get Joshua Chrisopher but I do think we get the one that matters and sign Ziaire Williams. The team is looking very promising.

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    2. It should also be noted that the ncaa will be reviewing and voting on a single time transfer waiver which is expected to pass this summer. So he probably won’t have to sit a year.

      And it’s always nice to have a rim defender (he had 8 blocks in a single game this season).

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    3. Here is hoping that all of you- especially all of the senior members here- on this blog are taking care of yourself and that not any of you get sick.

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  1. Good job Jason Hart, and Andy Enfield. Hart, is the one making this all possible, but it’s now up to the coaches to develop the talent and install team basketball.

    Come on over Zaire, and Josh let’s all put Trojan basketball on the map. We all have been waiting a long time for a Pac 12 and National Championship.

    I have not been this excited about our collective talent since we had Westphal, Dennis “Mo” Layton, Joe Mackey, Chris Schrobogen, and my favorite Ron “The Spoon” Riley. What a team that was Trojans fans do you remember Leroy Cobb, George Watson, Dana Padgett, and Monroe Nash came off the bench on that team which only lost twice that season both losses were against UCLA. Sadly, we were not even invited to the NCAA tournament that year. 1971 was way too long ago I think all of you whether young or old will say that was way too long ago.

    I like the recruiting stacked for next year, and a plan for the years beyond.
    The very best to everyone let’s stay healthy, safe, and hope this team will
    be allowed to perform next season. If it happens god willing let’s award these guys by filling the Galen Center.

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    1. It is a shame that the NCAA did not allow a second conference team to be in the tournament then. I believe there were only 24 or so teams in the tourney at that time. That ’71 Trojan team played incredible team ball. They were undersized, even at that time, but played with a ton of heart.


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