USC Notes: Never Trust All-American Teams

How is it that former USC offensive limenan Tyron Smith was not an All-American but two other Trojans (Zach Banner, Chad Wheeler) did garner that honor?

Did the College Sports Madness team, which picked Banner, exist when Smith played? Did the Campus Insiders team, which picked Wheeler, exist when Smith played?
Of course USC recognizes those teams for some reason.

Meanwhile, Smith is a seven-time Pro Bowler.

  • Former USC defensive end Porter Gustin always enjoyed being the weight room more than any of his teammates. Here is a wedding photo:
View image on Twitter
  • Did you know the Trojan football team was in London in the late 1930’s to face Arsenal? I’ll have more on this later.
  • The University of Cincinnati, Mike Bohn’s former employer, announced it was dropping men’s soccer in a budgetary move.

12 thoughts on “USC Notes: Never Trust All-American Teams

      1. MG, will the East Coast universities harder hit by the Red Chinese Flu make the rest of the country delay or cancel the 2020 season?

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      2. Bigger & More Terrifying [but related] question, gt: Will televised college football in 2020 be restricted to what’s shown on the Pac 12 Network…?
        #…LeadingToLarryScott’s”Termination”[In”Apocalypse Now”Sense]….

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  1. Wolf– your Arsenal v USC anecdote might be wasted on this crowd.

    I don’t think it’s wise for Porter Gustin to carry his new bride over the threshold that way unless he wants to miss more football 😦

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    1. Naw, the hicks here who make up “this crowd” are looking forward to hearing about how the Trojan football team played an English soccer club back in 1938 or ’39. I’m sure it is a jolly good story.

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