USC Morning Buzz: How Long Can Top Coaches Be Immune?

Did you see Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich, basketball coach Kyle Smith, athletic director Pat Chun and school president Kirk Schulz will voluntarily take a 5 percent salary cut through the 2020-21 academic year?

They also will not receive any contract bonuses or incentives.

Now I fully realize Washington State is a much smaller school than USC. But I still think the time is coming for Clay Helton and Andy Enfield to take a pay cut, especially if down the road the university stops paying employees who are unable to work from home during the “stay at home” orders.

Is the university going to punish janitors before getting Helton and Enfield to give back some salary?

Carol Folt is currently taking a 20 percent pay while the Provost, Senior Vice Presidents, and Deans will give 10 percent back for an unannounced period of time.

So how are the two highest-paid employees on campus immune from what is happening?

22 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: How Long Can Top Coaches Be Immune?

  1. To save money why doesn’t SC lay off the 25 employees at the USC Office of Equity and Diversity/Title IX? That’s right there are TWENTY FIVE Social Justice educrats getting paid high five or six figure salaries and funding their future pensions ! No wonder USC went from $2000 a year in 1970 to $56,000 a year now.

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      1. I missed the part where gt said women should get back in the kitchen…..

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      2. Watch the men’s Olympic sports start crumbling so the women’s teams can continue their leaching ways. Title IX, the gift that keeps on giving…

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      3. I like the concept of funding women’s sports —but now might be the time for USC to take a look at their priorities…..

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  2. As soon as the LA Times mentions something about local coaches not taking any pay cuts, then look for that head football coach impersonator, Clay Helton jump to the head of the line, to take a minimum cut. And he’s suppose to be a so called Christian… 😂😂😂 Money, Family, and Football. And if anybody’s looking, Jesus/God/Faith,too. 😂


    1. USC Fan Boy,

      As a Christian, we are not to make false accusations about anyone. That is the 10th Commandment. I don’t know if you are a Christian or not, however, to attack ones faith is I think uncalled for. We don’t know if he is true to the faith, which I believe he is, but he is doing things within the faith paramater. Just because he is a lousy coach doesn’t mean is he not a good Christian. All that means is that he is a lousy coach. Please don’t take this as an attack on you. I wanted to discuss and share my idea with you. If you take it as an attack, apologies then.

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  3. Wolf – spoken like a true liberal commie you are!!

    If you had a clue how much Clay and Andy’s 401K and other investments went down since market Dow all time high on Feb 12th, you would be shocked!! A hell of lot more than a measly 10% or 20% paycut.

    I guess journalism majors are tone deaf and a little light in the wallet!!

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    1. It is temporary you jackass. Only on paper. Hope they don’t have you
      as a financial planner. Liberal commie better than that moron in the
      White House. How many lives has Russia lost from the virus? It is a
      shame you are so threatened by good people who have a social


  4. We all should do our part…….so…….Gomer its time to give up your salary for the better good………but……….I guess he did not hear that part.

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  5. Totally off topic… the picture today has two refs in it. The one on the right has a patch that says “CFO” does that stand for Cheating F#@%ing Official?
    Just wanted to clear that up

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      1. You mean like bama did at the end of their last game when they didn’t have the right special team on the field with the game on the line? In a playoff game? Pushing them out of field goal range?

        Hmmm, novel..

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      2. Fair point. Very fair point, in fact. Sometimes I forget how often this happens to all teams in all sports during crunch time…….

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