Josh Christopher Commits To Arizona State

Five-star guard Josh Christopher of Mayfair High School in Lakewood announced he committed to Arizona State tonight.

Quite a few USC fans thought Christopher and Ziaire Williams would be a package deal for Andy Enfield. Those fans will be harder to find now that the duo went elsewhere.

I can’t really say I care what Christopher did either way, but it was irritating that he made his announcement more than five hours late. I don’t think USC fortunes rest on one-and-done guys anyways.

I’m not a fan boy who makes GIFs like people in the athletic dept. when a kid commits and it’s really better for the program when it finds grinders like Jonah Mathews or Nick Rakocevic that stay all four years. I think De’Anthony Melton would have stayed multiple seasons too but that’s another topic.

8 thoughts on “Josh Christopher Commits To Arizona State

  1. You can’t say because you don’t do the work and research such things. All you want is the “i told you so” at the end. You seem like a nice guy Wolf but why do you have a life time biased approach to what you report against USC. Nobody ever asked for you to be another “rah rah” reporter. There would be a lot of respect made your way if you just a straight reporter who reports unbiased but fair giving credit where it was do.


    1. I, for one, do not think that the current set up of 1 and done serves anyone. The schools get a player who is always on the precipice of making a business decision and leaving- a la Zion Williamson ( I don’t blame him at all)- and leaving the school and teammates hanging. On the other hand, these players should have the right to do as they choose: Why isn’t anyone knocking Luka Doncic or any other European based player for going pro early and never having gone to school? In that sense, I agree with Lamar Ball and what he did with his sons in trying to do everything possible to set them up financially for the rest of their lives by marketing and putting them out there so to speak. I don’t agree with his tactics, but if a parent could set up his son/daughter financially for the rest of their lives, who wouldn’t do it?


      1. They can got straight to the pros now starting next year. No more waiting. I agree that the players should be able to have the right to choose because the NCAA continues making money off them and that doesn’t seem fair at all the way they use these kids. But I also believe its a double edged sword type of problem. You open the flood gates to players that have no business being in an NBA draft then they lose their eligibility for college if they go underrated or they are cut early. They’re needs to be some kind of evaluation to allow the ones fit to move on in my opinion. It will work out in the end by at least saving a kids college opportunity. Those that are talented enough would get the pass to move on to try a pro career. That’s my opinion but there are far more details I’m missing I’m sure.


      2. Nice analysis, Arturo.
        We already have a model for the “one-and-done” with American College Baseball versus the Baseball Minor leagues. The only saving grace for American College Hoops is that there is not a robust Professional Minor leagues for young men to go to right out of HS. If a robust MBB minor leagues gains traction, then College Hoops will go the same path as College Baseball.

        Semi-pro soccer/pro soccer in Europe and Great Britain are the alternative option. I don’t suspect that there is much interest in University MAJOR sports (soccer, MBB) in Europe/GB. I suspect that all the other non-revenue generating sports in Europe suffer accordingly.

        If American College hoops loses is financial footing, all the other non-revenue generating sports are doomed. College Football cannot support it all.

        I presuppose that it will happen on our watch.
        (sorry for the shade.)


  2. I have to admit I do agree with wolfman I have little to zero interest for an athlete,who uses people and forgets about his teammates, the school that gave him the opportunity,etc… Their only loyalty is to self. Must be one reason I rarely if ever watch pro sports today.

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  3. Scooter,

    You write as is if you are Just Rent, you write nonesense. You did not explain what a GIFS is. You assumed everyone knows. Scooter, you are better than Just Rent. Remember that.


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