Here’s What USC Should Do At Coliseum

No fans? No problem.

USC needs to contact the Rakuten Monkeys, a Taiwanese team that’s part of the Chinese Professional Baseball League. The Monkeys first home game will feature mannequins and cardboard cutouts of fans in the stands.

Actual humans are not allowed at the game because of the coronavirus. But I think USC should adopt this even when fans are allowed.

And remember to stick one of those mannequins on the sideline with a headset and “Head coach” on its shirt. It will be an improvement.

8 thoughts on “Here’s What USC Should Do At Coliseum

  1. I got idea. If the attendance this year sucks, like it will around the PAC…
    Everyone brings two upper torso cardboard cutouts in cardinal & gold.
    One for each empty seat next to them. Spread out & leave(like that’s going to be a problem) an empty seat next to each live person. 6′ distance solved. Use you right & left arm to make your cutout jump up & down. Only if necessary.
    The place looks full & everyone better be pretuning in the parking lot before kickoff. Of course, 6 free first half beers would make it better.


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    1. Many good ideas there, Cal…particularly the free beers…sadly, the 1972 Cleveland Indians and their genius promotion of “10 cent beer night” pretty much put an end to underpriced drinks throughout the sports industry…


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  2. Dear Carol Folt:
    I hope you are enjoying your new home in Santa Monica paid in full by the University of Southern California.

    I applaud you and some of your staff taking pay cuts during this tough corona virus period.

    It is my understanding revenue from the athletic department and entire university is way down. I think it is time to ask some of our wonderful coaching staffs within the athletic department to take pay cuts just like Washington State just announced. After all, how many Pac 12 championships have we won in basketball, and football yet both head coaches have really accomplished very little during their tenures. Let’s be honest both are among the highest paid employees on campus. I thought most employees at the university are paid based on performance which does not seem to be the case with your football and basketball head coaches. . Perhaps, your waiting for them to volunteer to take pay cuts, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

    Washington State AD, football, men’s basketball coach take voluntary pay cuts
    2:19 PM PT
    Associated Press

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    1. I say get ride of Folt the moat and bring in Michael Gurranio as the president. he is a lawyer and has more on the ball than the folt. Besides, he would take the job for a million, sell the house in Santa Monica, and live in San Marino. Save SC a lot of money and you will get a better product for SC and by SC.


  3. Cute! Such a pleasant idea. However, it would be lovelier if there will be someone who will cheer and, of course, meet the team personally. Hope everything will get back to normal, soon.

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