2002 USC-Oregon, Continued

I need to run this picture from the 2002 USC-Oregon game.

Here are Keary Colbert, Kareem Kelly and Mike Williams mocking the Oregon billboard that was just a few miles away from the USC campus.

Oregon placed a billboard of Ducks receivers Keenan Howry, Jason Willis and Samie Parker on the north side of the 12-story Hotel Figueroa, just down the street.

8 thoughts on “2002 USC-Oregon, Continued

    1. So, we have Mike Williams, Keary Colbert, and Kareem Kelly on the one hand, vs. Keenan Howry, Jason Willis and Samie Parker, on the other.

      Hmm…that is a tough call…

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  1. One thing about Oregon WR’s Howry, Parker and Willis is that all three went to high school in the Los Angeles area.

    It just goes to show that there is loads and loads of high school talent in Los Angeles. And, I don’t believe Oregon has a shot at being nationally relevant unless they raid Los Angeles talent.




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