Anthony Beavers Commits to USC

Four-star cornerback Anthony Beavers from Narbonne High School in Harbor City has committed to USC.

Five of USC’s commitments for the Class of 2021 are four stars. USC signed two four-star players in 2020.

16 thoughts on “Anthony Beavers Commits to USC

    1. Sounds like a Helton kind of kid. But 70% of these commits usually get dropped by Helton. He gets them to commit but will most likely find someone else later for better or worse. Worse lately.


  1. Excuse me if i am not terribly excited about this. I think he is a very good player but i need to see on field improvement from USC Football as a whole as well as player development on the field before i can get excited about a recruit again. Part of me feels like even if we had Clemson or Alabama roster Clay He;ton will find a way to under achieve.


    1. Megatron82,

      I agree. Helton has underachieved with SC talent and he has brought the talent down when playing at SC. One glimmer of hope though is the kid had commited to oregon but changed his mind because of his relationship with the new db coach. Also, I think the def. coaches are starting to pick up recruiting. But we have to see them perform.


  2. SW: “Cornerback Anthony Beavers of Narbonne was supposed to go to USC based on the USC-friendly pundits’ projections. So it’s surprising he didn’t list USC among his final five schools. “USC didn’t want him,” will be the response from the apologists.”

    Oops. Guess Scootch missed the date — April 1 — on Beavers’ post. SUCKah.

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  3. USC already has a 5 star cornerback in Olaijah Griffin, and it still doesn’t make a difference. Nothing against him, but defensive backs can’t play to their potential , unless their lineman control the line of scrimmage. It’s the same thing over, and over with Bozo Helton, the roster is peppered with skilled talent, but average lineman. After five years of not going to the playoffs , is that idiot ever gonna get it ? 🤔


    1. No he won’t.
      But he’ll lose games and try to avoid tough questions using God alot during the press conferences.
      He’s lame.


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