Big Jeopardy Night For USC

There is a very funny moment on Jeopardy tonight involving USC student Xiaoke Ying (see below).

But I would caution against criticizing her because she recovered quite well from this moment.

9 thoughts on “Big Jeopardy Night For USC

  1. I guess African American studies has no relevancy at USC. I could be wrong but that sounds about right. With Dr. Carol Folt at the helm African American contributions to this great nation will most likely go even further unnoticed at USC.


  2. On social media, I’ve never seen a university with as many racist asshole alumni than the University of Southern California’s. #That’sNoJoke


    1. As an Asian myself, I am just dumbfounded that this USC student would say “Who is Babe Ruth?” You don’t need to be a baseball fan to know that knowing the fact Babe Ruth is not African American and the concept of breaking the COLOR BARRIER would not make any sense.
      If she didn’t know the answer for certain, DON’T. BUZZ. IN!!!
      This moment sets my people back another 100 years…


      1. She has no idea what Babe Ruth looks like. She just made an educated guess. A bad one, but one nonetheless.


      2. If you really are Asian, why would you support the Democrat Party that threw loyal Japanese Americans into Manzanar for 3 years, abandoned China to the communists 4 years later, cut off all aid to South Vietnam in 1974-75, allowed South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to be overrun by the North Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge and didn’t shed a tear when Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot killed 3 million Cambodians in 1977?


  3. I saw this last night. I will give her a pass because she is too young, Im guessing. On the other hand, Jackie Robinson was not the first professional black baseball player. If you read up on black basebaseball players, they had blacks playing in the 1890’s. A young black ball player was from Ohio who wne to college, played pro baseball, and I think he became a doctor. I am tired of this crap about Jackie Robinson and being the first pro baseball player. If the idiots who announces this crap would do their homework instead of being a sheep, they would know this. Try looking up Moses Fleetwood Walker.


  4. GoTroy22
    You are an asshole. How could you be a conservative jerk with Trump
    torturing innocent Mexican children in those camps separated from their
    parents. 22 must be your IQ.


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