No Fans At Coliseum In 2021?

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. said today “large gatherings such as concerts and sporting events may not be approved in the city for at least 1 year.”

That would mean no football at the Coliseum with crowds until 2021.

“I know they will be sooner the more that we take these actions,” Garcetti said. He also said would love to see sports again by the end of this year, even if it’s without fans in the stands.

USC president Carol Folt appeared at a press conference today with Garcetti to announce the university is partnering with the Los Angeles public health department to conduct serology tests on randomly selected individuals to find out how many have antibodies to COVID-19.

“The data that they are gathering will absolutely help us determine just how contagious and deadly the virus is so that our hospitals, public officials and public can plan accordingly,” Folt said.

31 thoughts on “No Fans At Coliseum In 2021?

    1. No your hero Governor Mimbo did. He predicted 25 million infected with the Red Chinese Flu in Alta Kalifornia and as of April the there are 23,338. Only missed it by 24 million.


  1. Your headline is totally off … either you meant to say “no fans at Coliseum in 2020?” or “no fans at Coliseum until 2021?” … either option would have even correct. But you chose the third, incoherent option.

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  2. To be fair the Coliseum’s gonna be empty anyways even if they allow fans.

    Clay Helton likes playing in front of 44,000-52,000 people for games. He gets claustrophobic.

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    1. Ha! [Test the players, thereby ensuring their safety —and play in empty stadiums for cable television audiences]……

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      1. Trumps updates every day seem like hes flipping coins and blurts out what he thinks Bill Gates would say so we can’t trust his prediction time for sports.
        Dodgers may end up playing the White Sox, Reds, Indians, and the Angels as division rivals in Arizona this season but California may not see sports until 2021.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if they played games and enforced no television crews and media. Haaaa.
        Maybe canceling the season may want to force Folt and Bohn to let Helton. They’re gonna see the reruns of last season and drop the hammer finally.

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      2. Ha! Constitutionally mandated Pac 12 Network re-runs! Bohn & Folt ordered to let the Holiday Bowl really sink in! 9 or 10 viewings should do it.
        We’ll play —a reduced schedule with reduced attendance and reduced revenue…

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  3. Time take your Head out of your A Ooo There Needs to be a VACCINE as soon as possible better have 1 real soon Because CHINA. Started this


    1. I saw all those Trump flag waving idiots. They should have been marching arm to arm instead of protesting from the comfort of their cars with their masks on. Those Trump communities should open up…good riddance.


      1. You kind tolerant libs are so predictable. The MICH Deplorables practiced social distancing and you still criticize them for standing up to the totalitarian Democrat Governor Witless. You actually defend her outlawing taking a motorized vessel out on the lakes and rivers.

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      2. tebow’s fear level is kinda embarrassing….

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      3. 22 and mg need to go join their fellow trumptard protest wherever they’re having them. Neither of you clowns should stay home, go socialize and mingle to your hearts content. I hear Georgia is nice this time of year, South Dakota too. Bye Felicia’s, go prove all the medical experts wrong. LOL!


  4. It started with two weeks, but that didn’t cut it because every time someone went out the clock reset. Now they are using reverse psychology and predictions of dire consequences. If those don’t come true we will hear it was their leadership skills.
    We are going about this all wrong. Quarantine the sick and let the healthy alone. Stop broadcasting the death rate and celebrate the cure rate. Pretty soon we will given the government free access to our whereabouts at all times. They are already talking about an app that will pinpoint the people around an infected person so they can warn about exposure.

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  5. Who the hell does Garcetti think he is? I am tired of his bull sh#t. He is pontificating and being an ass#ole telling us what to do. The pencil neck geek is worthless. he allows homelessness to happen and then he wants the tax payers to pick up th tab.

    Also, if anyone else has noticed, his hair is neat and trim. That son of a bi#ch is getting haircuts. Does the barber wear a mask, does he wear a mask? How can the barber be 6′ away from him. What a dirt bag. I haven’t had a hair cut in 6 weeks and I am looking ragged. I told my boss when I go back to work, I will not have had a hair cut for two and half months soI don’t want to hear anything. She laughed.

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    1. Hey, go out and socialize with your fellow trumptards, but when you get sick don’t look to the government to pick up the tab for your medical bill. But by all means, go out and expose yourself to coronavirus and good riddance to you too. #JustStayTheFuckAwayFromMe


    2. Pasadena sees 40% jump in coronavirus cases over the weekendBradley Bermont

      PUBLISHED: April 13, 2020 at 5:11 p.m. | UPDATED: April 14, 2020 at 12:19 p.m.

      Categories:Local News

      pasadenatrojan should go out and mingle, socialize…make sure its safe for the rest of us. LOL!


      1. 22 and mg have quarantined themselves for years in their mom’s basement being on this board 24/7, 365 days a year and now when someone tells them they should stay home…they want to act all upset.



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