Morning Buzz: At Least USC Won’t Drop Men’s Soccer

Mike Bohn has been on a mini-media blitz recently, to his credit, and even spoke to a USC class last week.

But he apparently did not have time to speak to media in Cincinnati, after the Bearcats dropped men’s soccer this week.

“Records show that during Bohn’s tenure at UC, the athletic deficit totaled more than $160 million — a 79 percent increase over the previous six years,” the News Record reported.

Another excerpt: “Bohn served as UC athletic director for six years before leaving in November 2019 after the University of Southern California hired him as its athletic director. He initially agreed to be interviewed for this story, but later Brandon Sosna, USC Athletics Chief of Staff, said Bohn was no longer available.”

No longer available? What’s he doing besides Zoom meetings? He spent a night devoted to a USC class but doesn’t have 10 minutes for a Cincinnati paper trying to figure out why “UC” just dropped a sport? Better to deal with “friendly” USC media. The new Cincinnati AD must have loved the financial quagmire he inherited.

These are things that I’m not supposed to ask, I know. But on the bright side, Bohn had a donor here that offered to commit $49 million to hiring Urban Meyer, if only Folt had approved it. One of the perks of being at a private university.

14 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: At Least USC Won’t Drop Men’s Soccer

    1. As far as I can tell, no SC fan is especially crazy about Mike Bohn, but this is a horrible take by Wolf. What purpose would it serve him to comment about his former employer?

      He’s now in charge of a major athletic program, is facing the possibility of said major program not fielding any sports teams for the next year and he’s supposed to give 2 s- – ts about the UC Soccer Program?

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      1. “What purpose would it serve him to comment about his former employer? “To explain to the world how he bankrupted the Cincy athletic program?

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      2. gt –Maybe Bohn can continue avoiding local media for his old school —but maybe local media for his new school should be asking the same questions……

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      3. Shouldn’t this topic of Three Mile Island magnitude fiscal malpractice have been broached last summer and fall during the USC job search under the leadership of President Carol Burnett long before they even considered interviewing this miscreant?

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  1. Don’t worry about it guys. SC’s program will be bankrupt as well in the next few years. With no football attendance, no revenue coming in from football, that is the money maker. There are two options here to saving SC football, donors come up with over $150 million to survive for the up coming year or does SC have an insurance policy that covers for lost revenue. I don’t know if that can even happen.

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    1. Or the third option: USC becomes the Stanford of the West and deftly uses the fiscal situations as an excuse to de-emphasize football, much to the delight of the SJW Board of Trustees.

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      1. Don’t laugh, gt…

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  2. Cincy has been trying to move up into a Power conference for years. When Brian Kelly was their head coach, they made a BCS game. They aren’t going to get invited into a Big Boy conference unless they perform at a high level consistently.

    Basically, you have to spend money to make money, as the saying goes, and if it requires deficit spending to do so, well….[insert political joke here]


  3. What difference does it make, the way the pols are acting, no one will be allowed at a sporting event for years and the unemployment rate will be 30% or worse so no one will have any money to go to a game anyway.

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    1. Agree–the pols are doing what they would be expected to do, BK.
      Q: The first rule of politics?
      A:” Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

      The analysts estimated that 2.2Million Americans would die of Covid19 if we only practiced mitigation and not suppression. 1/160 Americans dead by the mitigation approach. Ergo, the politicians chose suppression which is the politically expedient thing to do and would preserve the most lives. The maneuvers presently have been quite easy for them to choose. Lock everyone down and good DEEP INTO DEBT and splash huge sums of money around. With the next outbreak, suppression again, with the severe economic impact on the honest countries? The impact on China’s economy has been quite mild, and they are ready to run again. (Sprint again)

      Baseball was fairly popular during the Great Depression, I think.
      However, I don’t think Ducky Medwick and the Gashouse Gang were megamillionaires either. America will need a diversion from the coming economic misery. (And politicians will need a diversion from their clumsy actions.) For me, it won’t be baseball. I gave up on politics as sport decades ago.

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