JT Daniels Enters Transfer Portal

Isn’t this rich?

Now that Clay Helton can no longer guarantee him the starting job, JT Daniels is out of here. So much for competing.

But seriously, Daniels had to know he would never beat out Kedon Slovis and there was no way Graham Harrell would tolerate whatever promises Helton made a few years ago.

Daniels also sees the NCAA might change the rules in May, which would make him immediately eligible somewhere else. And he can always return to USC, like Matt Fink, if no schools sufficiently grovel.

If he is gone for good what is his legacy? He didn’t live up to the hype. Didn’t like to take a hit and didn’t show a ton of leadership, like the time he sat out the Arizona State game and ate sunflower seeds on the sideline, nowhere near the other quarterbacks.

I can’t imagine him being a great teammate if he had to stay and watch Slovis start for a season.

Without him, USC has Slovis and Fink. So they better protect the QB.


24 thoughts on “JT Daniels Enters Transfer Portal

  1. This is the type of news that will wake me from hibernation. Chuck n Duck was way way overhyped. I think like that other highly hyped QB (Ricky Town), he saw the competition and decided to find greener pastures.

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  2. He was just an average quarterback to me, who was surrounded by all the talent in the world at Mater Dei High School. We’ll eventually see what he’s made of , under a better coaching staff, and head coach.

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      1. Thank you.
        That would have been Slovis or Fink that got hit by all those Fresno St players if it wasn’t Daniels. The line didn’t block during his freshman season either.

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      2. Yes, Sam …and Toa was literally rolling the ball to him on the ground…..he couldn’t look up to survey the field…..


  3. Scottie, really? I never thought he should have started, but If I didn’t know better, I would have guessed that the kid took your wallet, used your credit card, and spit on you.

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      1. Michael, I knew there was a reasonable explanation for Scottie’s diatribe!

        All kidding aside, hopefully the kid recovers fully from the ruptured ACL, and he goes somewhere in which he can play more. I imagine he has a long ways to go in terms of rehab, which will affect his current marketability.

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  4. LOOK! i remember when wazzu beat usc 10 to 7 in 2013. and, the 7 points coug scored was off a max wittek interception. i chalk daniels up as another casualty of this team’s oh-so-clueless coaching and scheming. did he look better to me than slovis? nah. but, geez. give the kid a break, considering how much he’s had to overcome with this ding-dong football program.

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  5. This is the right move for him, and I wish him all the best. He did have to try to play QB under Tee Martin which stunted his development. We are fortunate to have had a true QB gem fall ass backward into our laps in Kedon Slovis, and I don’t see anybody taking the job from Slovis. He seems like a special talent.

    I assume JT saw Lane Kiffiy’s cell light up, and now his bags are packed for the SEC.

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  6. Just want to point out that 247 says USC Recruiting is back, but the truth is we still suck because the #1 player in the nation from Centennial is going to CLEMSON. While the 4 of the top 5 players in Southern California are also going elsewhere.

    The verdict:


  7. I’m amazed at these comments- How many of you geniuses played Quarterback. Tee Martin/ Moron chose Max over Sam – as soon as he could he left the “ Gumbo “. JT had to endure the “ Gumbo his first year & had to depend on Callaway’s offensive line- Good Luck! This is a kid who graduated from high school early to enroll at “ Troy” Fresno State was game 1 under Graham & to say “ average quarterback “ I’m available for a mental health consultation. The best way to predict future behavior is to examine past patterns of behavior. Kedon to play every game- very doubtful. JT leaves expectations of 10 win season ( evaporated) JT & St.Brown have demonstrated a tremendous skill set that would grow into the next 2 years as a legitimate candidate for the National playoff and with a competent head coach- Championship.

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