What Happens To JT Daniels’ USC Tattoo?

This didn’t hold up well, did it?

And this:

“JT is definitely staying,” Daniels’ father, Steve Daniels, told 247Sports.com. “He’s happy for Clay (Helton) and has a great relationship with him but to be honest, no matter what happened with the coaching situation, JT was going to stay and compete. He loves it at SC, he has an SC tattoo on his leg so he’s pretty committed to the program.

“He’s a very competitive kid and has never run from a challenge before. Kedon (Slovis) played really well and JT was happy for him but at the same time, JT is a competitor and once he’s back to 100 percent, he wants to compete for that job.”

So what happens to the USC tattoo? I guess he can hold onto it until the NCAA formally approves the one-time transfer rule in May.

19 thoughts on “What Happens To JT Daniels’ USC Tattoo?

    1. This is an all-time low for SW. Leave the kid alone. He is not a pro player. This made up story was just an excuse to throw dirt at a kid who played as a TRUE FR. We might never know how good Daniels could have been or how good he might be, but show some class, SW. Everybody else who is torching him, RELAX, let the guy recover.

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  1. Wolf — this kind of post doesn’t help or provide clarity. We should not criticize Mr. Daniels for taking the high road back then.

    We don’t need anymore LeVar Ball parents interfering with college sports.


  2. What happens when fragile china doll Kedon Slovis gets tackled and hurt when they start playing again? #ThatGirlDoesn’tHaveWhatItTakesEither


      1. You meed to go out and open yourself up, go socialize without any mask with that other idiot pasadenatrojan



  3. What happens to his SC tatoo when he transfers? Same thing that happened to Sean Harlows SC tatoo when SC failed to offer him. He just keeps it and plays somewhere else.


  4. What happens to that girl Kedon Slovis if USC plays Alabama this season, if there is one?



  5. JT…good luck some place else.
    You did what anyone would do……take an opportunity and do your best.
    Unfortunately the pumpers pumped you up way beyond your talent level because at the time most folks saw bozo as a great coach and believed his crap. Sincerely hope you are able to land someplace and give it a go.
    With you gone our backup is Fink…….our starter has a bad OL……..so……..first in the pac 12 and a NC title contender…….where do they come up with this crud. From the same dudes saying our recruiting this year is going great.


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