Why Did JT Daniels Annouce He Was Leaving Now?

The crazy part about today’s JT Daniels news is Daniels still might return.

The NCAA is going to vote on May 20 on applying a one-time transfer waiver for any college athlete. The expectation is it would apply for the 2020-21 school year. But the NCAA has not officially said that will be the case but that it is working toward that goal.

So why didn’t Daniels wait until May 21 to transfer? It’s not like he can go visit a bunch of schools right now or meet coaches during a pandemic. USC hasn’t even finished spring classes yet so why the rush? Is he even 100 percent healthy?

All I know is that it won’t be surprising if this situation hovers over USC all summer. Kind of like when Daniels denied he was going to graduate early just a few days before he released a slick video announcing he would graduate early.

With the amount of hits the quarterback takes in Graham Harrell’s offense, I would say Matt Fink’s got a great chance to see the field, if we have a football season.

37 thoughts on “Why Did JT Daniels Annouce He Was Leaving Now?

  1. 3 ideas on how to reduce hits taken by the QB:

    1. Run Markese Stepp
    2. A lot
    3. Teach Slovis to deliver the ball quicker

    These shouldn’t be that difficult as Stepp should be healthy and Slovis will have one year under his belt.

    Number 4 would be a more effective O-line, but with 2 new tackles, that will be more challenging to attain.

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    1. I agree with Scott on a lot of stuff —but the o-line is not Harrell’s fault. Clay stuck Harrell with Drevno…..

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  2. He is exercising his rights. Why do you care how he does it? Seems a lot of players are pissed he’s leaving. You said everyone disliked him. God your lane for picking on a teen.

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      1. gt — If you want a good laugh, check out the multi (multi, multi) paragraph essay [on the H1N1 virus] tebow spent four days composing.


  3. It wouldn’t surprise me if JT Daniels already knows where he’s going, and It’s probably on the West Coast. Has a Trojan ever turned into a Bruin ? 🤔

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  4. The NCAA is imploding. College BBis being killed by the G-League and Lavar Ball! College FB is not far behind. Way to go Mark Emmett you freaking loser!! HaHa!!


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  5. I think people like JT but clearly this is Slovis’ team. Slovis has complete and total control in the locker room. Not a knock on JT but Slovis just seems to exude a ” we are in this together attitude”. Slovis just seems to be a natural where it sometimes feels like JT is forcing it. In hindsight maybe JT should have stayed at Mater Dei for his Senior year.

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  6. In a couple of years when college football is able to start back up again maybe this kid will be able to go by then. Two years in the weight room should be able to strengthen his arm to where it needs to be


  7. How many trumptards are willing to announce they’ll be the first to buy tickets and attend games while sitting next to who knows who?

    You think gotroy22 or mg are going to be among the first? They should be for as much as they talk about how everything is alright. Its plenty safe they say. #FuckingIdiots


      1. The country was never shut down under President Obama, trumptard.

        It took that idiot Trump 3 years to dismantle 11 years of President Obama’s Economic Recovery


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      2. @MG…If I wasn’t scared of your mommy I would ask her for the change of a nickel she owes me from the other night for her services rendered.


      3. The really droll part, gt?

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      4. The H1N1 virus 

        The H1N1 influenza virus was discovered in the United States in the spring of 2009 and spread around the world. 

        It was originally referred to as “swine flu” because many genes in the virus were similar to influenza viruses that normally occur in pigs in North America.

        It was serious. From April 12, 2009, to April 10, 2010, in the United States, there were 60.8 million cases of swine flu, 274,304 hospitalizations and 12,469 deaths, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated.

        Obama and his administration issued two emergency declarations, but the article refers only to one.

        Obama acted before pandemic declared

        Obama’s acting director of health and human services declared H1N1 a public health emergency on April 26, 2009.

        That was when only 20 cases of H1N1 — and no deaths — around the country had been confirmed. 

        Two days later, the administration made an initial funding request for H1N1 to Congress. Eventually $7.65 billion was allocated for a vaccine and other measures.

        H1N1 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization on June 11, 2009.

        In other words, the Obama administration’s public health emergency declaration came more than six weeks before the pandemic designation.

        Now to Obama’s second action.

        On Oct. 24, 2009, six months after his administration declared H1N1 a public health emergency, Obama declared it a national emergency. 

        At that point, H1N1 had claimed more than 1,000 American lives, according to the CDC.

        When Obama made his declaration, the New York Times reported at the time, thousands of people were lining up in cities across the country to receive vaccinations, as federal officials acknowledged that their vaccination program had gotten off to a slow start, with some states having requested 10 times the amount they have been allotted.

        Millions of people in the United States had had H1N1.

        The national emergency declaration allowed the federal government to temporarily waive or modify requirements of the Medicare, Medicaid, and State Children’s Health Insurance programs. It also permitted doctors and hospitals to bypass certain requirements as they responded to H1N1.



  8. I wish we could get our hands on a really good dual threat quarterback. Since USC has not been doing well on the offensive line front as of late.

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      1. How was Jalen Greene going to start at QB over Darnold? Greene transferred to Utah State in ’18, and didn’t play QB there either.

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      2. When you don’t get reps in practice what do you think is going to happen?

        Oh, as a freshman Jalen Greene threw a 75 yard TD to JuJu vs Notre Dame.

        While that waste of space Cody Kessler was nursing an injury. Kessler was put back into the game and the Trojans proceeded on getting their asses kicked all over the field.


  9. LMAO! Ok i guess i meant an “elite dual threat quarterback” like Justin Fields or Tua or maybe that Caleb Williams kid out of D.C.


    1. LMFAO! Tua throws like a girl and is as fragile as Daniels and Slovis.



  10. I am going to take a hard pass on Jalen Greene as my starting QB at the Power 5 level. No disrespect to him because i know it is not easy but Jalen Greene? Really? But Slovis and Tua are little girls? If you cannot win the job at Utah St. why would he start for the Trojans?


    1. Jalen went to Utah St. as a WR. Not playing QB for 3 years, you tend to get rusty. Now you clowns are going to go with the argument that 7 win Sark and this idiot Helton knew what they were doing with the talent they had? LOL! Sark was smashed all the time, Helton doesn’t know his head from his ass, but now we’re supposed to believe they have good judgment when it comes to the QB position? GTFO!

      Don’t give me that Darnold was all that because he wasn’t and still isn’t. Darnold sees ghosts out on the field in the NFL…he’ll flop, just give him time


    2. Why Jalen didn’t start at USC is a no brainer, it’s because he’s black. Bryce Young saw the writing on the wall, knew he would never get a legit shot at playing QB at USC and said thanks, but no thanks.

      At USC, if you’re a QB recruit, if you don’t have the Golden Hair Orange County Boy look they want there QB to have, your chances of starting are slim and none.

      Sanchez got lucky SC didn’t have anyone else at the time otherwise he wouldn’t have started either. And what now, I suppose this is where you look all the way back to the 80’s and say what about Rodney Peete, amirite? Or dare you go as far back as Vince Evans.

      Bryce Young knew USC would try and convert him to DB or WR, that’s why… #HeGone


  11. At USC, if you’re a QB recruit, if you don’t have the Golden Hair Orange County Boy look they want “their” QB to have, 

    Before the grammar police chime in


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