Reaction To JT Daniels

Petros Papadakis spoke this afrernoon about JT Daniels’ decision to enter the transfer portal.

“The guy has never wanted to compete to be the starter. At some point, you have to compete and fight for that job and JT never did. JT will always have that mediocre true freshman year and the one series or two against Fresno State.

“He’s not physically impressive and he is not known for making great decisions.. so what do you do? You throw for a lot of yards in a offense where the quarterback throws for a lot of yards. This is what happens when a guy goes through his whole career and does not compete for a job or win the job.”

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17 thoughts on “Reaction To JT Daniels

  1. He’s gotta go now. It would be incredibly awkward if he came back. One year ago today i would have never thought Slovis would run JT out of Troy. Slovis must be looking really impressive behind the scenes. I think it is good for both Slovis and USC because if JT is sulking or being a bad teammate about being number 2 then we do not want that to disrupt team chemistry.

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    1. You’re the fool if you think Clay Helton has the slightest clue as to who’s actually good at football. Clay ran Jack Sears off b/c JT had many recruiting stars. I mean, he didn’t play Pittman until Pittman’s Dad mouthed off to the LA Times and after 1 year with the Slovis Pittman is probably a 1st round draft pick.

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    1. Why would they, when it comes to talking about USC football, most of the time they’re right.



      1. Don’t be too surprised if Orgeron takes him. J. T. would be dynamite behind a first rate o-line (and even though LSU is losing a couple of seniors up front, they’ve got great juniors right behind them).

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      2. “Don’t be too surprised if Orgeron takes him”

        Daniels couldn’t last a half vs Fresno St. and MG thinks Orgeron would take him.



      3. You can do better….

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  2. I’m sure JT Daniels and his family are counting on Lane Kiffen, or Ed Orgeron to hand him the position without competing . Because neither one of those two schools produce decent quarterbacks on a regular basis, and both coaches are familiar with California recruits

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      1. I don’t know if he’s sticking around but they have a guy named Myles Brennan who played 6 games as a freshman and threw, I think, ONE touchdown (I might be wrong but I think he ALSO threw 2 interceptions). They’re losing their right guard AND right tackle ….but they have highly rated guys playing behind them. In short, LSU could be the place next year for a good QB to transfer [but, as much as I REALLY hate to admit it, tebow could be right about Orgeron not wanting J. T. — he likes QB’s who can run & survive hits]…..


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