USC Gets Commitment From Four-Star

Calen Bullock, a four-star safety from Muir High School in Pasadena, committed to USC today. He had offers from Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas.

USC’s 2021 recruiting class is now ranked No. 5 by Rivals.

“For the next three-to-four years, I will be attending the University of Southern California,” Bullock said in his announcement.

Bullock wasn’t even offered by USC until it hired Donte Williams. So Clay Helton was all over this one.

20 thoughts on “USC Gets Commitment From Four-Star

  1. Hey Scooter

    Why don’t you enter the “ALL IN CHALLENGE”?

    Your hero, Clay has offered the Ultimate USC fan package for any game this year. The current bid is now $3,400. I’d pick the Notre Dame game on 11/28. Not a bad deal compared to the cost of the Trojan Athletic Fund or Cardinal & Gold membership.

    Your entry could be to allow one of us to write the blog for 1 week during football season (either 2020 or 2021) depending on when the next season starts.

    Let’s start the bidding at $500 with $50 increments up or down.

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    1. Pudley, I noticed that Scottie removed your entry about Bullock’s commitment from the previous post. I guess that is what happens when you scoop him…


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    2. I like the start of this class my friend but unfortunately unless we keep the big timers to stay close and play ball at USC this is just much of the same. Maybe a Rose Bowl. But if we can start to bring in instant impact type of kids that Saban, Sweeney and Ed O get like keeping Davis away from LSU. Keeping Korey Foreman DE 6-4 265 away from Clemson and stealing J.T. Tuimoloau DE 6-4 277 from Washington then I think we are on our way. And to the coaching staffs credit that’s where Helton has to do his part by showing it on the field with wins. His staff has made him look good on the recruiting side in such a short time it’s almost unfair that he is still the head coach. Ridiculous actually.
      Good looking on the information buddy.

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      1. I thought we had a great chance at getting Koreman after Drake’s successful season and the type of impact he made because he made some noise. I think it’s gonna be the same factor the rest of the way with any big recruit to determine their interest level and get them to take a serious look which only happens if Clay shows an big improvement. But I hope he doesn’t sign early or that may hurt us especially with no games looking like they will be played. The more he’s around Drake’s and his circle the better.

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      2. Did they turn it up after and sneak in “Girl I Miss You”?
        The mood probably didn’t call for it but I happen to like that tune !

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  2. Hahaha. I think Clay has become the ultimate afterthought at this point. He’s marginalized. Wish he would just go away. Don’t care who else is head coach at this point, especially after quarantine. Just flip a coin at this point. Anyone is better than him.


  3. Scooter,
    Laughing My Ass off. That was perfect about Helton. He drives away talent that SC normally gets for other talent that might not be as good. Boy, that was awrsome

    Also, good picku for SC since he is a Trojan and from my home town

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  4. Overrated and Overhyped porn-stache J.T. Daniels is ready to bail out on USC and his Trojan teammates because for once in his life he would have had to actually compete for a starting QB job and some here say people should wish him well?




  5. IMO how many USC will sign from the Rivals top 100 is the true indicator of a class. Particularly linemen. I’ll wait til December to determine how things turn out. Its a weird year…..bama has three signed so the rankings are all fouled up.

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