USC Sunday Buzz: Short-Term Memories Abound

There is no doubt USC is having a good recruiting class.

But if people who were personally responsible for the worst-recruiting class ever are gloating, shouldn’t they go on twitter and take responsibility for their poor performance too?

19 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Short-Term Memories Abound

  1. New assistant coach Donte Williams is having a big impact on recruiting, very positive for the Trojans, and a big minus for the Quackers.

    And removing Pendergast, who did virtually no recruiting, is also a big plus.


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    1. Great points, 67….

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      1. Shit, yes! [I guess I really repressed that one. What a joke the D was against the run that day. And it clearly was J. T’s worst game on top of everything else]…..

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    1. I’m assuming you’re limiting your Drevno compliment to his RECRUITING ability……

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    2. Tough to say Drevno was any better than Neil Callaway. The schemes called for quick pass plays yet we had trouble in pass blocking. Year 2 in Harrells offensive game will show how well Drevno can coach with some new faces on the line. Time to see if he’s been building up depth with his position group.

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  2. Over the last decade, USC has had several top rated recruiting classes, but has never qualified for the playoffs to date. When Todd Orlando and crew arrived at the University of Texas, the recruiting classes went from ranking in the 20’s to top 5. So what does all of this recruiting hoopla mean, when you have zero leadership, and average coaching ? It means absolutely nothing, other then boasting during the off season about Trojans verbal, commitments… 😂😂


      1. Ha! That shouldn’t be hard. [But] This, actually, wasn’t really a prediction as much as a (1) shutdown of Fan Boy and (2) acknowledgement of a sometimes contributor’s call to honor about a month ago.

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  3. Funny thing is, I haven’t seen any one of these guys prove they can assess talent, develop players, or tactically coach yet either here or where they came from. They sure do talk a lot of shit on instagram though. It looks like each one of them has been assigned an 18 year old intern who have been told from SPIN to be as bombastic as possible. Just shut the F up you guys and do your jobs. Coach a kid up for once and develop them. Get them to understand the game, get them to understand how to play sound discipline football. Get them to shut up and do their jobs too. Way too much chest pounding and way too little actual substance. I can name 5 instances in the last 4 years where a personal foul or mental mistake penalty has cost them a game. It should never happen. (don’t even get me started on game management penalties from the staff) Staff should keep their chest pounding down too. This program has become a hollow shell with no substance, with a few, not so talented kids with heart saving its ass every now and then. It’s incredibly lucky that it is in the weakest division of the weakest conference of the power 5 and still can’t win its division. It’s biggest accomplishment happened when they didn’t even win the division. Just keep making up shit to squwk about (state championships and 3 star signings and taking back so cal and so on and so on) Just to hide the fact that you can’t do your job or haven’t proven anything yet. Get the small stuff right first with an eye on the big picture. Then repeat and guide the kids. Don’t act like a lunatic. Those who yell the loudest are those who are a fraud. And those who really know how good they are don’t say anything, they just kick your ass with class. So good luck trying to get to 9 wins in an easy division. Just be thankful y’all work for a clueless president, an over bloated BOT and a castrated AD. Anywhere else and you wouldn’t have a job.

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  4. Sorry about the long winded post. But all the instagram crap from the recruiting BS to the strength and conditioning charade of “hey look what we’re doing” “Its new and innovative”. That is stuff every program does but they just don’t talk about it. It amazes me though that It took a new AD to tell this head coach, making a mega paycheck, how to run a program, who to hire, etc. I’m sorry but programs on the rise are not consistently in the bottom 10 in the nation in penalties, penalty yards, turnover margin, time of possession, kick return yardage and coverage etc every year. All controllable stats that are always coaching centric. When programs are turned around, those are the first stats that are flipped. Just look at those stats from Hackett to Carroll. Turnover margin went from like +11 to -15 the first year then to -22 all with Hackett recruits. Same with possession, Penalties and more. These are the reasons this program needs a change, not to see a new toy in the Head spot, but to actually change bad culture and toxic back room deals to healthy competition and hard smart working developing talent. Dudes with as much if not more heart than talent. Y’all have been praising Grootegoed last 2 days. Matt’s is the kind of heart the program needs. Chad Morton heart, Ron Lott heart, Zek Moreno Heart, Lofa heart, Cam Smith heart, Sam D heart, Chris Richard, Antwan Simmons, Rod Peete, Erik Affholter, John Jackson heart. Dudes with limited talent but big motors football IQs and bigger hearts. None of those guys talked smack. Just took care of business. Even if instagram had been around then.


    1. Vault 91,

      I agree. In the old days with McKay, they didn’t pound their chest and talk smack because the teams knew that they were good and the would let their play talk for them. Kids and coaches were more the team. They did not want to embarrass the coaches or their teammates. Unfortunately now adays, the player wants everyone know what he did by brining attention to themselves. I remember when players used to make a great play that they we would go back to the huddle and wait for the next play. His teammates would show the player that he made a great play by hitting him on the back or helmet and that was a sign of good job.

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