USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


USC recruiting

The Trojans have a top 5 recruiting class (in April) and are back-patting each other on social media like never before.

Mike Bohn

No one in L.A. cared that the Cincinnati athletic dept. ran a deficit that “totaled more than $160 million — a 79 percent increase over the previous six years,” according to a published report.

JT Daniels

Looks like he will get to transfer somewhere and be immediately eligible. Maybe he can go back to Mater Dei and use that fourth year after all?

Gus Duggerton

The fictitious offensive coordinator went viral last week when he was hired as offensive coordinator at USC. Why not head coach?

Xiaoke Ying

The USC student made it to the finals of the college competition on Jeopardy and had a viral moment. If she didn’t have the “Babe Ruth” moment, you wouldn’t ever know who she was.


Andy Enfield

He lost out on two top 15 players last week. Maybe he can sign another graduate transfer.

JT Daniels

The story book dream of graduating early and leading USC for 3-4 years appears over.

Cottage industries

If Daniels leaves Southern California, will it be a financial loss for the personal gurus, tutors and blood-specialists that quarterback utilized the past few years?

Clay Helton

This guy produced yet another video! No pay cut, of course.

The sad part is he will have just as much time to do all these videos during the season because Graham Harrell and Todd Orlando will run the team.

37 thoughts on “USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

      1. Both of you clowns should go celebrate, protest, hold hands and sing kumbaya with your fellow trumptards and leave your masks at home.

        Go show everybody what’s, what


  1. Does Carol make Clay do these videos or are they his idea?

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    1. P. S.
      Maybe Clay could get more fired up if asked to do a video defending why he’s never gonna accept a pay cut….

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    2. What does it matter whose idea it is to make them, they have idiots like you watching them

      You’re just as big an idiot as they are, even more so because you’ve been suckered by them.

      And you readily admit to it…Gawt Damn!



      1. A couple years ago Pedersen (uw) insisted any commits who visited other schools would be dropped. That didn’t last. Now dabo is tryin the same thing and a local 5* has other opinions, evidently. Looking for CBs on Raeshon Davis to SC soon.
        Not playing, lack of visits and the vulnerability of parents and grandparents has kids rethinking their priorities.

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    1. This is the one player who could make this class special IMO. Saw him when Drake was a SR on one of those Centennial teams and he was making just as many plays in the backfield as Jackson- but he was only a Sophomore! Dude has GAME.

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    1. Man.
      Think about this……
      At one time USC Football produced the 1st Offensive Tackle or Offensive Lineman that was drafted in back to back drafts when Tyron Smith was the #9 Overall pick by the Dallas Cowboys in 2011 and Matt Kalil went #4 overall to the Minnesota Vikings.

      That’s where USC should have dominated with OT recruiting nationally for a long time for at least a couple of years. But that was when Kiffin and Haden blew it with Andrus Peat and Kyle Murphy and they kicked us in the balls that signing day becoming followers of Jim Harbaugh.

      I would love to see USC get it going on the recruiting front by really putting it’s best effort to get those players even if it means losing a 5-Star WR. We can’t play with Alabama and I hate saying that but it’s the reality because we don’t have it up front. Drevno needs to get some bigger fish soon.

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  2. At least Bozo Helton is smart enough to produce his videos with his hat on, otherwise he’d look more like the dumb ass that he really is . And somebody please tell TJ Daniels that he’d be better off developing his skills at a NAIA school, because he needs to play with players comparable to his skill level.


  3. Hopefully the Raiders draft him. Pitman would look good in silver and black. Vertical game baby just like big Al used to say. Let’s hope er (Maymock) er Mayock and Chucky don’t screw this up. Raiders have needed a deep threat wide receiver with sure hands, like years ago. They had one in AB until he checked out mentally and Screwed it all up.


  4. Where is the voluntary pay cut Clay?
    You should be selling cars in a small town in Texas,
    and then go fishing for catfish on sundays after church.


    1. As the duly elected EL PRESIDANTÉ of PAC-11 chapter of the HUGS/CLAYDOUGH/GOMER HELTON fan club,

      I insist that you leave this man alone. Do you realize that in his spare time he agonizes over what to do with his palty $165,000. Then two weeks later he agonizes again. It’s just not fair. Fight on Coach Helton.
      Illigitimi non carborundum


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  5. Sadly I’m afraid we are all losers because we continue to give this “REPORTER” QUESTIONMARK? quality traffic as if he’s actually reporting.


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