Can Michael Pittman Go In The First Round?

NFL expert Peter King has Michael Pittman getting drafted with the 30th pick in the first round by the Green Bay Packers.

That is higher than most mock drafts but I’m tired of reading descriptions of Pittman as “a steal” or being “underrated.”

The guy performed whenever he was given an opportunity the past 2.5 seasons.

Never forget that Clay Helton was the bone head who did not start Pittman until his father complained midway through Pittman’s sophomore season. And then a few days, Pittman suddenly made his first start.

Pittman never looked back after being given an opportunity. And Helton once again lucked out.

31 thoughts on “Can Michael Pittman Go In The First Round?

  1. “99% of Athletic Directors say there will be a football season!” But 100% say there won’t be time for Fall Practice…..

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    2. “Hope Everybody Enjoys False Starts”? For a Helton-coached SC team, that’s par for the course; one hundred days of Fall camp couldn’t prevent that. Maybe false starts for every other team, but for SC, it’s the norm under Claydough.


  2. Unfortunately for Michael Pittman Jr. , the draft is loaded with receiver talent, so he’s not a clear cut #1 draft choice. If USC lived up to their reputation of being a national powerhouse, then Pittman would definitely be a first round pick.


      1. Ha! [All is forgiven, Owns. We don’t hold you personally responsible… for the reprehensible acts of disgraced agents of a mortally wounded university]….


  3. Michael Pittman Jr. had a great combine, including a 4.54 40 time. His speed was scouts’ main concern, so this went a long ways to dealing with that issue. Fingers crossed for him, he is a great young fella and a great Trojan.

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    1. Pasadena, I could see him late in the first round going to a team like the packers… Rodyers has done well exploiting slow – tall – possession type receivers like a Jordy Nelson.

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      1. Aaron Rodgers, lowly 2* JC transfer that hippie school. Just donated $1,000,000 back to that lowly commie socialist school to upgrade facilities.
        A little ahead of Goff who just donated $250,000 to help feed down & out Los Angelinos.

        Recent SC player list( qbu, rbu, wru) of generous donations:


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      2. Trojans don’t need to brag on their generously donated time or dollars. Lord knows if they post anything about their service to the community wolf rips them a new one for it….

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      3. Jordy Nelson was a lot like Pittman for sure…but he wasn’t slow.

        From Wikipedia:

        Nelson was an outstanding track and field athlete and won a national AAU championship in the 400 meters as a 10-year-old. In 2003, his senior year at Riley County High School, he won the state titles in Class 3A in the 100 meters, with a time of 10.63 seconds; 200 meters, with a time of 21.64 seconds; 400 meters, with a time of 48.79; and long jump, with a leap of 7.00 meters. He also ran a sub 4.5 40 yd. dash

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  4. Can Michael Pittman Go In The First Round?

    Nope. If the play isn’t designed to get him the ball the level of effort on his route running and blocking is lousy/lazy.

    Helton let him get away with that crap.


      1. I don’t know [& I don’t wanna know] how many words tebow has written —- hundreds of thousands, I guess—but all the words in the world can’t change what’s going on in westwood……

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      2. Only a sanctuary city would allow Chip to enter …and remain…..

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      3. That just seems the best place to bury it, no?

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