USC Morning Buzz: Someone Needs To Add Duties For Clay Helton

Can someone give Clay Helton something to do?

With more time on his hands because his assistants are doing all the recruiting, it means more tweeting. Who wrote the tweet below for him? What’s his point ? He supports labs and hospitals?

As opposed to what?

Not standing with labs and hospitals fighting COVID-19?

Scroll down for a better example of a coach tweeting.

Now here we have a coach with a real, authentic tweet. Helping workers. Not just bland platitudes.

29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Someone Needs To Add Duties For Clay Helton

  1. 20 taco plates….

    That’s true philanthropy! Almost like we should call him CMT or Coach Mother Teresa.

    Meanwhile, in Boise athletic dept has furloughed ALL coaches. What jerks. Those coaches shoulda just given up their pay on their own.
    By the way, where’s scottie’s psa/philanthropic donation? Just wondering.

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      1. Beyond the headline:

        “Grants to schools are based on a formula, awarding three-quarters of the dollars based on an institution’s Pell student enrollment — the low- and moderate-income students that receive a federal Pell Grant to help cover a portion of their higher education costs…..Of course, the schools with the largest student populations—particularly with large numbers of low-income students—will receive the most money.”

        “…At least 50% of the money must be used to provide emergency grants to students to cover expenses like living costs, child care, technology, and more. Emergency funds are really important as many students’ lives are being disrupted, requiring some to move, lose their jobs, and purchase new technology as they move to online instruction…. The remaining funds given to schools can cover expenses incurred related to the coronavirus. Congress gave colleges and universities discretion for this half, which will help them cover the costs of moving online or other unexpected expenses. Many colleges and universities are facing massive increases in costs to swiftly move students to online instruction.”

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    1. Pudly –I have a deep appreciation for your contribution to this page [and your ability to stare down your critics —many of whom no longer grace our presence] —but Scott seems to be making a fair point here. Helton is frequently —if not almost always — taking sides in a debate that isn’t happening. He appreciates the California legislature handling legislative matters, he appreciates the California Governor making executive decisions, he appreciates research labs doing research, etc. Who does he imagine is on the other side of the debate? So, with all respect and true fondness for you, may I second Scott’s implicit point……..

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      1. Michael, your comment prompted a slightly different thought about Helton. Thousands of Trojan fans want Helton gone. Long gone. So what could he do to endear himself to the faithful?

        He could make a major donation/show of good faith to the community.

        It would be the best investment he could make in terms of his own reputation and how people view him.

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      2. Clay isn’t the one deciding how or what the schools media campaign on this is presented or the message itself. IThis is all above his pay grade. And truth be told, a novelty here to be sure, there are those from different sports and in different levels of the athletic dept putting out the same tweets. He is doing what’s asked of him like any other employee would.
        But you’re right the 20 taco plates are hella lot better.

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      3. I get it. And your analysis is spot on …as far as it goes. But Clay has been saying “I love Mom and Apple Pie…and, darn it, I don’t care who knows it!” for as long as he’s been here. Every time he’s asked a question, he gives the Apple Pie answer. I know he thinks he’s being smart….but, after all the petty treatment he’s dolled out to players who look at him the wrong way, his “act” is getting obvious. You can’t keep screwing with people and, then, saying “they’ll always be part of the family” without eventually being taken as a phony. Everyone does this to a degree —but no coach does it more [and more insincerely] than “Game- Ball-To-His- Boss” Clay.

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      4. Absolutely right. You can tell by how there aren’t any kids or parents dumb enough to send their kids to play for him (and btw, decommitment or transfer of a couple more kids isn’t far in the offing). And the fact that only he and no other head coach fires people is clearly born out by the fact that clay couldn’t even fill out his staff….

        Guess there is a different way to look at the same thing.

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  2. Clay Helton is doing exactly what Mike Bohn wants him to do, and that’s keeping a hands off approach from the football program. After four years as head coach, the Trojans have never qualified for the playoffs, and continue to be an average PAC 12 team. So yes, let Helton continue to make videos, and tweet all day if he wants to, and maybe Bohn can send him some Leggo blocks to play with too .

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      1. 67 — How many universities have had TWO coaches (Toledo & Kelly) with larger breasts than Charlize Theron?

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      2. Michael and Pudley, not only 2 bruin coaches who had larger busts than Charlize Theron, but two who were so big that they required special fitting back in the intimate section of the dept. store…


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  3. Wolf — Is this really fair criticism for Helton? What are the coaches of the Chargers and Rams doing in terms of similar ad hoc community engagement? Don’t we look to and expect our NFL coaches to be more community leaders than college coaches? Atleast a college coach in a megamarket?

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    1. Any criticism is fair of Helton at this point. He made a fool of himself his entire coaching tenure. Since the embarrassing loss to Alabama to his own flattening of his curve with a Rose Bowl win, and then steep trajectory downward since. What coach does that and keeps his job? Or isn’t embarrassed by his own performance? Sorry, I am a girl and he is just one of those weeny waggers who drives a hummer or a fancy sports car and has nothing behind it. He needs to take a low profile and just social distance from the team and let his coaches hopefully teach these kids how to play football and win championships. Coach Bohn has set us up nicely. Let’s hope this experiment works. It is a totally new approach.

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      1. Joan, I have to say that “Flattening his own curve with a Rose Bowl win” is IMHO the best shot at Helton in a long time.


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      2. CCH’s coaching mistakes and program blunders are fair game for criticism, and my own opinion of him is that he is simply in-over-his-head at USC. He would probably be a decent coach at a place like SMU where there are no expectations for football success and the SMU program is deep in the shadows of other big boy programs.

        I think if CCH ran around delivering pizzas and posting selfies on social media, Wolf would just turn around and rip him for being fake and a phony.

        If we don’t have any football-related things to criticize CCH at the moment, I’m not sure we should look to personal attacks to fill the void — that’s I guess my point.


      3. Clay Helton was handed an opportunity of a lifetime, because he inherited a team talented enough to go to back to back major bowl games. But unlike Ryan Day of Ohio State, he was too stupid to continue to build on the momentum, and ran the team into the ground.


  4. Helton already has a hard time trying to act like a head coach and he does pull double duty as the Good Humor ice cream guy, serving up ice cream on the practice field and while watching tape in the film room.



  5. Clay’s half ass attempt of going out of his way to justify keeping his full paycheck, during this pandemic. He hasn’t earned his paycheck since he’s been at USC with his mediocre coaching. What makes you think he was going to try to give any money back for doing basically nothing right now? One Rosebowl and no playoff appearances since he’s been here. That’s not going to cut it. Hopefully this pandemic wakes up Bohn and that lil gnome troll Folt as to finally getting rid of Helton. He’s showing exactly who he is a con artist, used car salesman that only cares about himself and keeps fleecing USC for as much as he can get. It’s obvious all of us fans. Let’s all hope this administration finally wakes up!

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    1. To paraphrase a Billy Crystal line from The Princess Bride — “What you wrote isn’t completely true —but it’s mostly true.”

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      1. LMFAO so true! That’s why the Trojans have become a clown college and a Laughing stock out of the top 5 blue blood schools in all of college football. Playing in the Pac 12 conference with that clueless crook Larry Scott running “er” I meant ruining the conference doesn’t help either. Before I forget Guarino at least LS, took a 20% paycut. Those 2 useless wonders by the way haven’t won any really big games of any sort lately and Also by the way waste talent, haven’t given a cent back or taken a cut in both Helton and Enfield. Pathetic!


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