One Of The Most Difficult Field Goals Ever Made By A USC Kicker

I don’t know how I got on this series of big USC field goals, but this one deserves special praise for one reason: Unlike many famous Trojan field goals, this one happened on the road . . . before 95,049 hostile fans.

In 1980, USC traveled to Tennessee riding a 20-game unbeaten streak. This was a night game in a hostile environment for a team in transition: Marcus Allen replaced Charles White at tailback while Gordon Adams took over at QB for Paul McDonald.

USC led 10-0 at halftime but Tennessee came back to tie the game, 17-17, and was driving at midfield late in the fourth quarter. But USC defensive back Jeff Fisher intercepted a pass and returned it to the Vols’ 44-yard line with 58 seconds remaining.

It looked like the game might end in a tie with USC at the 46-yard line and only 10 seconds left. But Adams hit Vic Rakhshani for 16 yards with four seconds left.

That set up a 47-yard FG for Eric Hipp, who drilled it through the uprights.

A long field at the final gun before a huge SEC crowd. That’s a trifecta of adversity. And Hipp made became an instant highlight.

20 thoughts on “One Of The Most Difficult Field Goals Ever Made By A USC Kicker

      1. He can be a pill — but he sure as hell knows his stuff…


  1. “It’s hard to throw when you’re being hit and knocked on your back all night”

    – Sam Darnold (After loss to tOSU Buckeyes 2017 Cotton Bowl)

    Darnold was promptly punched in the mouth by USC offensive lineman Viane Talamaivao


      1. Well, as long as we’re going there… ’bout splitting the difference: Callaway.


      1. That incident absolutely took place in the locker room after the Cotton Bowl loss. It has never been refuted by any of the players. And here is the kicker, after Darnold was punched, none of the other players stepped up and intervened, it was the coaches that stepped in between.

        It wasn’t a fight, it was one punch thrown by Viane Talamaivao just to shut him up, he didn’t keep throwing punches.


  2. One thing I see in common with these pull out a win stories, is I always felt we could somehow pull it out. The feeling that the game wasn’t over if there was a chance was instilled in me by the go for it mentality at USC.
    I miss that feeling. I remember the feeling that game was over at Notre Dame when, in the first series the quarterback went down on his back and Notre Dame was given a fumble. In fact that was the first game I shut off an SC game at half time.
    Here’s hoping those games come back where magic happens.

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      1. Like a spiritual orgasm rather than a physical orgasm….


      2. I think Michael Guarino has been in COVID-19 self – isolation too long if he is trying to explain the difference between “spiritual” and “physical.”




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