Michael Pittman To Indianapolis Colts

With the 34th pick overall and second pick of the 2nd round, the Colts selected Michael Pittman.

Pittman’s got to be pretty happy he went this high. It’s also another validation for him that he didn’t transfer even though he didn’t play much the first 1.5 seasons he was at USC.

He will team up with Philip Rivers next season.

3 thoughts on “Michael Pittman To Indianapolis Colts

  1. All 4 and 5 Star recruits come to WR “U” take a look at Pittman path to the draft don’t transfer out if you don’t start look at the pecking order right now Brown Vaughn’s are gone next year Bru & Ford gone in 2022 Franklin Collins Davis compete like Pittman and you will make this 2021 class very special I see Franklin Collins projecting as 1st n 2nd round picks there will be enough for everyone to shine #USCnatty champs 2022

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  2. Scooter,

    I am suprised you have not said a word about Tyler Vaughns, the next great reciever to come out of SC. He needs to learn how to concentrate on catching the ball. That will come with maturity. He and Brown will be the go to guys for next season. Vaughns should go low first round/high second round


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