Is JT Daniels Returning To USC Now?

The NCAA Division I Council announced it would vote on the one-time transfer rule in January, 2021.

This was a surprise because many expected it to approve the new transfer rule in May. So that means if football takes place in the fall, JT Daniels would not be eligible. And it also means Daniels will probably return to USC.

This is why I said last week I did not understand the timing of Daniels’ announcement. He was in no rush. He could have waited until this week for a decision on the vote.

Was Daniels trying to put some pressure on USC coaches? Did he want to see what schools were interested?

Just another strange move by his camp.

12 thoughts on “Is JT Daniels Returning To USC Now?

  1. It wasn’t a “strange move for his camp.” It’s exactly what you’d expect.

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  2. Does this mean we get both Garcia and Moss have both redshirt because JT will still leave as a graduate transfer because he is scared of real competition hey JT have your dad call harbaugh sign a secret deal in January to be the starter without real competition and be the biggest 5 Star bust since Max Browne ala Todd Meth Robo Qb. Do us all a favor stay in the portal and keep transferring like Ricky Towne and possibly Matt Corral catch my transfer drift portal of So Cal overrated 5 Star QB’s work hard like 3 star Silvia and maybe you will actually be able to earn some your stars


  3. Typo error I mean Kedon S. Scott stop posting sorry post which have no substance or reliable evidence to support your negative journalism do you even have degree? If there is no football season your need to be self- quarantined not from the virus but from all USC blog sites because you are the worst of the worst do us all a favor go file for PUA benefits because your going to need if your bosses keep allowing you to use this platform to keep blogging your non stories


  4. Daniels will be second string at SC. Slovis is light years ahead of Daniels. With time being short on the practice field, it will be very hard for Daniels to win the starting position. Plus if it is true, then he will have to compete for the job, which he might not like.


  5. There won’t be any college football games played this year.

    Helton is going to luck out not having his ass handed to him again by Alabama.

    Had Kedon Slovis had to face Alabama this year, his football career would have been over. Slovis lucked out as well.


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