USC Morning Buzz: The Plot Thickens On Transfer Rule

The NCAA never misses a chance to shoot itself in the foot. It now says the one-time transfer might be approved by the Division I council in May, which contradicts its original statement, and could be enacted in time for the fall.

So let’s just review options for JT Daniels. Even if the NCAA does not approve the new proposal in May and waits until January, Daniels can still transfer and be eligible next season . . . if he can obtain a waiver. That means he needs USC’s approval.

I can’t imagine Clay Helton would deny a waiver for the Team Daniels, so that is an option. But in an ideal world, the NCAA would allow one-time transfers to be eligible this season.

Daniels can just keep checking to see what colleges are interested in him in the meantime.

31 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Plot Thickens On Transfer Rule

  1. Wow, I bet “team Daniels” we’re stunned when the initial news hit, and went and ordered a bunch of pizzas to be delivered to the ncaa council….
    Oops, I mean I have a source who told me he did.

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  2. Worse case scenario, he transfers to a division II school where he belongs, and he’ll become eligible immediately, regardless the NCAA’s decision.


    1. Here’s a funny question….how many teams has rosen been on that drafted a qb in the first round the yr after he arrived??

      Poor poor miserable troll

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      1. It’s not like you to be snarky, Pudly. Maybe Rosen is just biding his time before he “teaches the NFL a lesson.”

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      2. NFL teams are saving Rosen because they fear he could suffer a relapse of the sprained vagina injury that dogged him throughout his ruin career.


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      3. No, 67! When it comes to Rosen’s vagina muscles, we’re ALL Ed Garrett’s! No single poster can be entrusted with Josh’s protection. It takes a village.

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    1. Insiders at USC know that Carol Folt writes steamy romance novels under the name “Steve Ross”.

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  3. Whatever fan base gets him is expecting a legit 5 star talent. They’ll be disappointed to say the least…


    1. Quick! Somebody needs to tell that fan base—-whoever and wherever they may be — all they’ll be getting is a legit 4 star talent who needs a center who knows how to snap the ball and block.

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  4. If he’s as talented as his camp seems to think he is, then go to division II, because the NFL scouts will find you. Don’t be another Tim Tebow, who was scared to go to Canada to prove himself, because he knew the talent wasn’t there. 😂


      1. Rosen —like so many superheroes— is only holding back for the right time to reveal his powers. [Knowing how media savvy he is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he held back until AFTER retirement……and then held a press conference]…..

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      2. Pudly — With just a little help from Sam, gt and Cal75 I could see us easily getting up to 60 or 70 vagina-related posts….

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      3. Michael and Pudly et. al.,

        You know, a sprained vagina is no laughing matter. Even though it is incredibly rare, having only been observed once on Josh Rosen, it is considered a potentially career-ending injury, and can even disqualify one from being in the broadcast booth, and definitely be disqualified from being a sideline reporter.


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      4. Mora thought about taking the Bama job but announced, “After careful consideration I just can’t see leaving my job as rotating college football analyst at ESPN — this is my dream job.”

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  5. Cal75,

    Turk Schornik fron Servite played for the bengals as a qb for over 5 years and he never saw the field. He also passed away not too long ago. May he RIP.

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    1. Turk recognized the *Placekicker Stategy ….
      the average life span of an ex NFLer is 55 years. Why do you think NFL pensions kick in at 55?
      Probably just a mistake.

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      1. A 2012 study indicated that the general population of American men lived to be about 75, whereas NFL players lived to 77.5

        A reason might be that NFlers would have had a long history of exercising before they retired, and might be more likely than non-athletes to keep it up.

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      2. Well I was just referencing Wiki. 53-59yrs. I know a ton of pro guys who died in their 50’s.
        But I’m no expert. I just play one on this site.
        MG, 55 is for when you are vested 30 years, i.e. gov.cheese

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