Lane Kiffin Keeping Sharp

Lane Kiffin is reportedly hanging out in Southern California this weekend. Looks like he still had time to sharpen his twitter skills.

31 thoughts on “Lane Kiffin Keeping Sharp

  1. LSU is playing Pete Carroll/Ed Orgeron/Norm Chow style USC Football.

    Kiffin & Sarkisian were handed the keys to a dynasty and ended up running the program into the ground.

    Even through the sanction years USC was pulling in top 10 recruiting classes and those two clowns Kiffin and Sarkisian couldn’t do anything with the talent USC recruited. And don’t give me that USC was depleted due to the sanctions. They might have been depleted roster wise in terms of overall number of players, but USC was still attracting 4 & 5 star talent. And on any given Saturday how many players on a team with a full roster actually get in a game anyway.

    The Three Stooges (USC head coaches from 2010-Present) rarely rotate players, substitute players in order to get them game time experience and that wasn’t instituted out of necessity because of samctions, it’s because those idiots like to play favorites and don’t know how to coach worth a shit.

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    1. It’s been on LSU sites often but Ed O runs practices and emphasizes the same themes Carroll did in his program.

      Coach O emphasizes competition everyday, makes turnovers a focus and runs practices at full speed. He also has themed practice days (Competition Tuesdays, Turnover Wednesdays) in order to focus on one thing every day in order to push players to perfect something on that day.

      Some of you might laugh at the corny practice style but that was a big draw for recruits at USC then and at LSU now and Ed O knows it.

      It was no secret USC won with Carroll with his practices. Now Ed O has copied it down to the smallest detail and it’s no surprise that he won a national title with it.





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      1. Truth…

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      2. Pudly,

        Of course for bowl game prep but Ed O still ran tough practices during the year.





  2. I wonder how many times did lsu run the ball w/ the running back in the second half of the championship game??

    15 – 20
    10 – 15
    6 – 10
    5 or less
    Yeah tbone you really know your stuff, real PC kinda offense

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    1. Brilliant observation pudly dumb fuck, “in the second half of”…basing your assessment of LSU’s season off just one half of football. What a fucking dumb ass.

      Hey pudly dumb fuck, there are times when you rely on the pass, one the run and a combination of both, it’s called game planning…something your dumb ass and helton’s dumb ass know nothing about.

      Just STFU and go back to cut and pasting drivel from twitter you fucking idiot.

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      1. 5 fucks & 3 asses in one post.
        A record to be proud of. The winner & still champion.


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      2. You dope. You said it was based on PC’s offense and the qb run isn’t, wasn’t, and won’t ever have been part of his offense here. Maybe we should look at other games in the first half when they were in question to see what the offenses were? Hmmm

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      3. tbone is the mental version of a vienna sausage of the internet. Neither a shower or a grower…..
        Like pickin dead fruit.

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      4. You are truly in need of anger management. Your vocabulary skills are pathetic. Anyone who depends on profanity to display their sentiments demonstrates a lack of intelligence. My professional opinion is that you are truly in need of a new outlet to coincide with your inflated ego. I’m amazed that you bother posting idiotic comments on your skewed opinions of others. Do yourself a favor- QUIT while you’re behind!

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      1. Yes, Pudly. There are some really nice screen captures of Madeline lobbying for some war or another on 60 Minutes — she’s wearing a sexy short skirt and has all 15 stands of her salmon dyed hair done up in a bun…..

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    2. Not to defend Bruins, but that’s kinda fudging to say how many times did the running back run, when LSU realized that running the QB was something that Clemson was not ready for. It’s not a softer football but it’s one that adds a wrinkle. I don’t think SC ever needed the wrinkle– you weren’t going to stop it’s backs or the pass during the Chow era, but LSU had the same overwhelming using backs, TEs, and WRs, and backs who can block and catch.

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      1. Granted that could be said for that game, but his offense was much closer to a spread than Pete ever ran here…we’ll see how it works out with his new qb and coordinator next season. It’s not exactly Ed’s offense.

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  3. 76
    Lighten up on speed delete. He’s self correcting & improving daily.
    At least he didn’t loose internet access during the c-19 experiment like Ed, mule, Chazbucket.
    Mule can’t post from the donut shop anymore at 0300. Can you imagine how miserable he must be?

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    1. Inside USC needs one of those “In Memoriam” clips —like at the Academy Awards — with photos of Ed, Charlie and Owns and “The Way We Were” playing softly in the background……

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    1. Man, there’s a good chance that more Bruins (3- Asiasi, Holmes, Kelly) will be drafted than Trojans ( Jackson and Pittman). Uggghh.

      Hope Owns is ok.

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  4. Yes, Arturo –what happened to our friend, Owns?

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  5. I sense overriding anger issues with mule and Speed Delete®.
    Might be a good idea for them to get a dog.

    Ed & the bucket are much easier to read.

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  6. Pudly dumb ass, you’re the idiot that mentioned “qb run”. You pull crap out of your ass, don’t even know what you’re talking about.

    “I wonder how many times did lsu run the ball w/ the running back in the second half of the championship game??”

    “You said it was based on PC’s offense and the qb run isn’t, wasn’t, and won’t ever have been part of his offense here.

    – Pudly Dumb Ass

    Never said anything about LSU basing any “qb run” or whatever the hell you’re talking about, on Pete Carroll’s offense. What I said was that LSU is playing Pete Carroll/Ed Orgeron/Norm Chow style football.

    “I wonder how many times did lsu run the ball w/ the running back in the second half of the championship game??” – Pudly

    I wonder how you can breathe with your head shoved so far up your ass.


  7. Shots fired here today!

    Robert De Niro
    “Now that’s Dry Gulching. You hit them in the throat, but you do it before they’re expecting it. Before they’re expecting it!”

    Guess I’m not the only De Niro and DiCaprio fan huh?


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