USC Notes: There Was A Worse NFL Draft

Hey, things can always be worse.

In 1998, USC had only one player drafted (cornerback Brian Kelly).

Just one year earlier, it was a different story. USC defensive tackle Darrell Russell was the No. 2 pick overall by the Raiders. Russell weighed 320 pounds and ran a 4.8-second, 40-yard dash. He was All-Pro in 1998 and 1999.

Tragically, Russell and former USC wide receiver Mike Bastianelli died in a car accident in 2005.

  • Linebacker John Houston signed a free-agent contrat with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Offensive tackle Drew Richmond and defensive end Christian Rector are the remaining prospects to sign with a team.

10 thoughts on “USC Notes: There Was A Worse NFL Draft

  1. Not surprising with these twits running the show!! Another embarrassment checked off for USC Football .. Please, Restart the Program with Coaches that have a proven, winning record, demand results and encourage competition on the practice field.

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  2. There is so much coaching talent out there. Take Minnesota’s P.J. Fleck. He did the impossible, which was to produce a first rate program at the University of Minnesota. They were 11-2 last year and beat Auburn in their bowl game.

    Not to say that Fleck should be the first target, but he is an example of a really productive coach whom USC should be able to recruit. There are several others at a similar level.

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  3. Warning to all incoming recruits, you will arrive as a hero, but leave as a ZERO, under the tutelage of Clay Helton. And if you don’t believe me, like Fuck Boy-Jack/ Pudly76, then look at yesterday’s numbers, because statistics don’t lie, people do .


  4. Clay Helton is an idiot of a coach plus i cannot stand his tweets from his home because it reminds me of just how much money he is stealing from us and which is why he is such a kiss ass (Coach Bohn?) Carol Folt is a hypocrite to come in here talking about the integrity just check out her race relations issues at North Carolina. Just give Urban Meyer what he wants and make this nightmare end already. #thisisasimplefix

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    1. Folt refuses to hire Meyer, so we have to look elsewhere. The other marquis coaches are tough to move, so perhaps Bohn needs to think outside the box for new talent.

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  5. How much more can Clay Helton fuck up the tradition of USC football? They don’t develop lineman, or run the ball, and have slowly turned into a finesse team. So he brings in some assist coaches, who FAILD at turning the Texas Longhorns around, and everyone thinks the results will be different. 😂😂. Why, because Bozo Helton knows more about the game then Tom Herman? 😂😂. I can’t stop laughing


  6. The demise of Trojan football goes back to that sellout Pat Haden. That asshole caved to the NCAA and the SEC officials that control it. USC could have put a stop to the NCAA’s corruption had they taken the NCAA to court after it was found out that it was a handful of SEC teams that wanted USC’s football program knocked from atop of college football. “Malicious Intent” is what a Federal Judge found when the NCAA investigated USC, it was a foregone conclusion that USC was going to be hit with sanctions so that Alabama could cheat its way to the top.

    Pat Haden wanted a piece of the collegiate licensing business that Alabama A.D. Bill Battle weaseled his way into controlling and Pat Haden fully cooperated and was complicit in taking down USC football.

    That greedy corrupt son of a bitch Pat Haden is a sellout who sold USC down the river in order to make a buck.

    The hiring of Sarkisian, Swann and Helton were all arranged by Pat Haden to tank the program. The other corrupt asshole C.L. Max Nikias had no problem with what Haden was doing because Nikias was never a fan of USC Athletics to begin with.

    The “De-Emphasis” of Trojan Football, it’s alive and well and will continue as long as Max Nikias is around calling the shots.

    Folt and Bohn are nothing but puppets.

    If USC were genuinely interested in bringing USC Football back to prominence, Clay Helton’s dumb ass would never have been hired in the first place. Helton goes from being Sarkisian’s errand boy to being the head coach…come on!

    And then to give Clueless Clay a contract extension? Gawt Damn…no one is that fucking stupid.


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