Now This Was A USC Draft

USC had 15 players selected in the 1953 NFL Draft.

The draft were for 30 rounds back then, which sounds unbelievable in today’s culture.

Here’s the first USC selected, tailback Al Carmichael, who was taken with the seventh pick by the Green Bay Packers. Others selected included running back Jim Sears, QB Rudy Bukich, guard Elmer Willhoite, tackle Charley Ane and defensive back/fullback Jim Psaltis.

Here’s Carmichael coming back to play in the USC spring game in 1961, another thing you would never see today. A USC alumni team featuring Lindon Crow, Leon Clark, Monte Clark, Sears, Marlin McKeever and Mike Henry beat the current Trojans, 31-6.

Wide receiver Hal Bedsole, who is in the College Football Hall of Fame, played for the actual USC team and was sent in for one play at quarterback. He ended up getting crunched between the helmets of McKeever and Henry.

“About two weeks later, I was hunched over like an old man,” Bedsole said. “I went to see a doctor and they did an X-ray. There were three holes in my stomach and they did surgery that night. It was a pretty good lick.

 “There were quite a few injuries on both sides.”

After that game, USC coach John McKay decided there would be no more alumni contests.

20 thoughts on “Now This Was A USC Draft

  1. The average OL I950 was 234 lbs. The game changes, it evolves; these guys couldn’t take the pounding that today’s players have to due to their size and speed. If there were 30 rounds, everyone would get drafted.

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    1. I would have guessed average OL weight was even lighter than 234 in 1950.

      But how did they go 30 rounds? Wasn’t the roster size only about 30 to begin with?

      How did they even know whom to draft after about 10 rounds?


  2. Well since our once proud tradition has been ruined by Clueless Clay, Lynn Swann, Pat Haden, etc… we may as well go ahead and put last names on the back of our jerseys. What do you guys think?

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    1. Do you see any names on the back of these Trojan jerseys?

      There’s your answer. Quit asking stupid questions.


      1. Go f*ck yourself. He is honored for his football achievement at USC .

        Found not guilty by the jury you shithead!


      2. You poor twisted libtard sock puppet. Your role model OJ was found guilty of kidnapping so he should be treated as a pariah. His football achievement at USC has forever been tarnished and USC has 6 other Heisman Trophy winners and scores of All Americans they can proudly promote instead of that criminal.


      3. I watched much of the trial,and I did pass the LSAT and went to law school for a year,decided it was not for me,but I did retire from law enforcement.That said I am not perfect nor an expert. I know lots of circumstantial evidence was presented and a good defense to answer. No eye witness,no finger prints that put him there, therefore evidence that could lead to almost any conclusion of who may have committed the crime was the only witness. I could not with a clear conscious find some one guilty if I did as the law demands …the reasonable doubt part. This type of crime and putting him to death just could not happen with purely objective reasoning; there reasonably has to be some doubt in a reasonable and prudent mind. But you have a perfect right to differ, and I respect that.


  3. The most striking features I see in the video above are the play of both the O and D lines. Yes, these are the cream of the cream highlights, but it has been a long time we have seen anything like that.

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  4. Well, tebowobama. I do see last names on jerseys of every national champion since USC last won it. You had to go back 15 years for an example! Harmless question but maybe you need anger management? What is the definition of insanity again?

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  5. Sam Bam,
    I hope so but sad to say if Covid Clay is still around his talents may be wasted. He will probably ask the defense to move him to nose tackle or something stupid like that

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  6. SC ’52 team players had to play both offense and defense. very few subs ,no platoon football,the starters played both. That ’52 team, and ’53 Rose Bowl winners,like wolf said had a huge amount of players go to NFL, and they were successful. I watched them play that season and in Rose Bowl,my first…if you didn’t you have zero knowledge to compare to sc athletes today,they had no special development for dozen yrs like kids today.They just were good natural athletes that excelled.

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    1. i’m a retired las vegas bartender. oj came to my bar once and i refused to serve him. we stared each other down, he finally left. probabaly would have stiffed me anyway!!!!!!POS

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