Morning Buzz: Where Is Player Development?

Some people are making an excuse that USC had only two players drafted because there was a small senior class.

But there were 39 draft-eligible players on the roster entering the season. What about all the draft-eligible defensive linemen like Jay Tufele and Brandon Pili, etc.?

Under normal conditions, they would be ready to go pro. They were not.

There is such a need for good defensive linemen in the NFL, it’s not hard for skilled linemen to go pro. The ones at USC knew better.

You think that is the case if they all went to LSU? Why has Utah had 21 players drafted the past three years compared to USC’s 15? It’s not recruiting.

26 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Where Is Player Development?

  1. There is no player development unless they workout with personal trainers, and position coaches. Clay Helton’s been a figurehead assistant coach most of his career, and knows nothing about running a power five program . How many times has USC signed 4 & 5 star linebackers under Helton, well, where are they now ? Warning to the incoming recruiting class, you’ll arrive as a hero, but leave as a zero, the statistics speak for themselves. And if you think for a minute that the new incoming assistant coaches will make a difference, then keep in mind, they did nothing special for the Texas Longhorns. 😂😂

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    1. Hey pipsqueeeeek…
      What’s new in westwood? Heard y’all got your second recruit and jumped way up the rankings….oooweee!
      Meanwhile in the real world, there’s this.

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      1. The only sad part about this, Pudly, is that none of those three players mentioned are from the SoCal area. Tufele (Utah), Hufanga ( Oregon), and Vera-Tucker ( NorCal). The fence around SoCal has been temporarily breached.

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      2. Yes it was, but it looks like that might be changing as rumors swirl about the likes of Foreman, Raejon Davis and perhaps even a kid from this past class who might be suffering from buyers remorse if you catch my Flowe. There is even talk of the return of a 5* kid from a couple yrs ago.
        As the song goes from “Damn Yankees”…you gotta have heart. Especially around here.

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      3. Like I said before, Jack-Pudly76, top recruits disappear under Clay Helton, so stop cherry picking nonsense about future draft picks. Pull your head out of Helton’s ass, then pay attention to the decline of Trojans Football over the last decade, and deal with it , you dick-wad. Btw, the next time the wife insists on you using a female for your Profile picture, slap the bitch for me, will ya ! 😂


      4. You know they make pampers for older kids, right. No need to keep setting yourself.

        Ruins really moving up now.

        Hahahahaha 💋

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      5. Pudly —Funny… but….

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      6. Ha! [It’s always tough when you try to show UCLA some love]…..

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  2. A blind snail with a football helmet would’ve been a better coach than the ones we ejected (finally) last year. At least there will people who walk and talk like football coaches on the field this season. Most if not all of the incoming coaches played football in college, while the current head coach was backup quarterback on his daddy’s team.
    I can’t say developments will improve this year but for now I can say we have a better group than we had last year.

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    1. Nice stuff Truman. Yesterday tebow made some good points about what (he argued) is the deliberate mess our athletic department has become. Being smart himself tebow can’t believe that people can be as dumb as Helton, Haden or Swann. He figures their bad decision making is part of a plan to de-emphasize football. The truth is Haden was no more a lawyer than Pendergast was a football player. He didn’t fight sanctions because he was never inside a courtroom and had no idea how things would work out [i. e., that USC would win]. Haden didn’t pick Helton because he had a master plan for USC’s demise —he picked Helton because, like him, Helton was weak and dumb {and, therefore, no threat].
      Folt isn’t working on destroying the football program either. [But] She’s just dumb and weak as Haden …and every bit as comfortable with Helton. If she DID want to see the program crumble into dust, she’d have kept Swann. But she brought in a moderately competent A. D. —and he pushed for moderately competent assistants to guide the completely incompetent Helton thru 2020.
      We ARE a better group than last year….. [which should be enough to win the pathetic Pac 12 South]…..

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      1. Michael, it wasn’t so long ago that the Pac-12 was competent in football.

        In ’02, Trojans played 9 games against current Pac-12 teams. 6 of those teams were ranked at the time the Trojans played them. How things have changed.

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      2. Yes, 67 —- that was before the Pac 12 started paying Larry Scott multiple millions a year to “improve the brand & make the Pac 12 relevant nationally.”

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      3. Clever, my friend —but the slush is under the surface. Carol Folt has a built- in biological defense —what’s UCLA Chancellor Gene Block’s excuse for impotence?

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      4. Blockhead installed Chianti Dan to run off the fans and de-emphasize ruin football almost 2 decades ago. President Carol Burnett is playing catch up.


      5. “Safe Place” for Chip? A licorice castle surrounded by 100 foot walls made of gum drops and malt balls.

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      6. P. S.
        Chip’s favorite team sport during lockdown? Candy Land.

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  3. Nice article n yahoo sports about player development showing every team. Stanford, Utah, and Washington do the best in the Pac12 based on player rankings coming out of high school .

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  4. And how many years has our veteran insider been making the same grammatical errors? Who’s to blame for his under achievements?

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    1. Note to sock puppet when correcting others on grammatical errors: “underachievement” is one word,and it describes you perfectly.

      Underachiever | Definition of Underachiever by Merriam-Webster
      Medical Definition of underachiever. : a person (as a student) who fails to attain a predicted level of achievement or does not do as well as expected.


  5. Memo to: MG

    Sorry MG, Block doesn’t have a C. L. Max Nikias BOT puppeteer problem or the responsibility for the myriad of SUCCX pending egregious/ licentious lawsuits.

    SUCCX, where its rank ethics lard is used extensivity to beef up the FB team.


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