A Familiar Issue Resurfaces

With so much uncertainty over next season, it’s easy to forget about USC ticket sales.

But a USC booster I haven’t spoken to in several years emailed to say he was not renewing his season tickets that he held since 1993.

“I have two other friends that are also not renewing, “he wrote.

USC has not announced season-ticket renewal rates but it seems pretty easy to find fans who did not renew.

22 thoughts on “A Familiar Issue Resurfaces

      1. Michael- This may be one of those times where we agree to disagree. I’m thankful for Scott to bring this issue back “ to the surface .” First & Foremost I discontinued my season tickets after the Cotton Bowl alongside my Cardinal & Gold athletics donation fund obligations. The reason why I am grateful for this post is to remind others that it’s the decision of the University to continue with a Moron leading my beloved program and NOT OF OUR Current Economic Reality. You know USC will “spin “ this as the sign of the times & even more scary is that Moron #1 will receive another pass.

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  1. Fans are fed up with the under achieving, USC football program, and the administration needs to stop fooling themselves. Enough is enough, the pretend game is over. Clay Helton has the Trojans walking in place on the road to nowhere, and after four years, everyone is starting to take notice.

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      1. If — for “some” reason—- Joe can’t represent the dems in 2020…

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      2. I hate to keep this going — but what the fuck was that? Was it a comedy video? Or the real thing? [If it’s for real, (1) I feel profoundly sorry for her and (2) I hope she isn’t granted a driver’s licence].

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      3. Hope alls well PT, keeping the virus at arms length I assume.

        I don’t think it’s real. Have a hard time believing a psychologist would post video of a patients session.

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  2. USC now has a great excuse for lower season ticket renewals in football. Everyone is concerned about sitting in the Coliseum and catching the virus. But, this is a great opportunity for USC to cancel Helton’s employment contract now, and invoke force majeure as a reason for getting rid of him. Unlikely the football season will be played in Los Angeles. Why pay a coach and his staff for sitting around doing nothing.


  3. Even if fans are allowed to attend the atmosphere and crowd will resemble a spring game at USC. Terrible. Just terrible. Seriously. Clay Helton is responsible for bringing the most boring college football environment to Los Angeles since the USFL (I’m guessing, I can’t really say I know).
    But after Darnold and Adoree and company these have been the dullest football seasons i can remember. Sh*t losing seasons with Hackett, Larry Smith were equal or better. Either way they’re in the same ball park and conversation..


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