USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


Austin Jackson
He got drafted higher than expected as offensive tackles were coveted in this draft. Will he live up to some of the past USC offensive lineman taken in first round?

Michael Pittman
From special teams player as a freshman to second-round pick. He seems destined for success.

JT Daniels
After initial reports to the contrary it seems like the NCAA will allow players like him to transfer and be eligible immediately.

Even with a potential QB shortage, probably best to have a potentially disgruntled Daniels play elsewhere.

Todd Orlando
The bar was set so low for him with Clancy Pendergast as his predecessor. And it got lower because of the draft. Later in the week, I will discuss how close he came to not getting the job.


USC defense
John Houston and Christian Rector did not get drafted, which meant for first time since common draft started in 1967, no defensive players were drafted.

Clay Helton
The draft showed what a poor job he has done developing players. Ditto for Clancy Pendergast.

Free agents
Although Houston signed with the Steelers, Rector and Drew Richmond did not immediately sign.

All you see is bragging from some football staffers. A bad draft. The worst recruiting class ever. But they will tell you on social media everything is great and focus on next year’s better results. They never take accountability.

Mike Bohn
He wants to be a people person but the pandemic limits him to bad skype or zoom interviews/appearances. At least his loud voice is built for that.

14 thoughts on “USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

      1. Scott is well known all over town for being a gentleman. Unlike some members of the media, he’d never call anybody “Fredo” —

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  1. Can somebody PLEASE tell what the big deal is about Todd Orlando?!!! He seems to be popular amongst Trojans fans since taking over the defense coordinator position, but obviously it’s not because of his coaching success. And he’ll be working for a head coach, who’s more of a dumb ass then then his previous one, so I guess his time in Los Angeles will be one, and DONE!


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