A USC-UCLA NFL Draft Comparison

For the last word on the NFL Draft, here’s Petros Papadakis today:

“In the last five NFL Drafts, the Bruins have had 22 players picked and the Trojans have had 19 picks. How does that happen?

“There’s a picture of how USC was getting great players but couldn’t manage to develop the talent. That specifically points to Clay Helton’s lack of just about everything. They have had great players but Helton and his circle of hand picked assistant coaches could not develop or shape many of these guys into NFL talent.”

Full interview here

9 thoughts on “A USC-UCLA NFL Draft Comparison

  1. We know the draft was bad for the Trojans. We’ve analyzed it 10 different ways. Overall number of guys drafted. Nobody drafted on defense. Rector, Richmond, Houston, did not get drafted, etc.

    And we know about Helton, and player development, yada, yada, yada.

    But sooner or later (hopefully sooner), USC gets much better.

    ucla will never get better. Period. They don’t care about football, and even if they did, all they can hope for is to dig out of a $30 million athletic dept. deficit at some point in the next 5 years.

    Just in case anybody forgets, the ruins FB record for the last 4 years is `17-32.

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      1. P. S.
        You’d think Folt would’ve wondered why NOBODY who was anybody in college football wanted to work with Helton…

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      2. Wow! I never thought of it that way –but you’re absolutely right, 67. [They even say the same dumb stuff about Helton].

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  2. UCLA had a big draft class in 2015: 8 vs 4 players. Also worth noting that the average pick number during that time was 96.5 for USC and 127.1 for UCLA.

    A better measure of undeveloped talent is how many of these payers went on to become starters or all pro in the NFL, but did not get any national or conference awards while at USC, especially if they were low picks. That is a direct measure of individual player development. I agree that Helton and Pedderass were not able to develop players, or the team as a whole, but Petros’ analysis is a bit simplistic.

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  3. Carol Folt and Clay Helton are plodders. Neither has any business being employed at USC. Both know that. We all know that. Mike John knows that. USC has issues, big issues. This place seems like it is ready to implode. Stanford of the West ? USC being compared to Stanford ? Really ? Has that person ever walked onto the campus in Palo Alto, or applied for admission to any of the departments, or professional schools, within that university ? USC will never be a Stanford of the West. Stanford is Stanford. Even Harvard, Columbia, Chicago, Berkeley, UCLA and Yale wish they were Stanford. Getting back to football, USC is dead. It needs to get rid of Helton (yesterday). Invoke force majeure provisions in his contract and send him packing, along with his inept staff. Start over once this virus situation is over.


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