USC Morning Buzz: Would Football Ever Take Place At Closed Campus?

Oregon and Washington State have said they intend to have students on campus in the fall.

What happens if those schools follow that plan, but schools like USC and UCLA decide to teach online? Will they allow football to have training camp and practice without in-person classes?

The answer right now is this kind of stuff will be decided at a later date. I suspect USC would be reluctant to practice without students on campus. But I bet some SEC schools would have no problems doing it.

Larry Scott said he didn’t think football would take place if campuses are not open. He might change his tune if some Pac-12 schools decided to try it.

  • Kansas coaches Les Miles and Bill Self have taken 10 percent pay cuts. Clay Helton made another video.
  • It’s not exactly difficult for players from a marquee program to sign as free agents. So it’s surprising neither offensive tackle Drew Richmond nor defensive end Christian Rector latched on to a team after the draft.

19 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Would Football Ever Take Place At Closed Campus?

  1. As soon as the LA Times mentions that Clay Helton hasn’t taken a pay cut, then he’ll make an announcement that he’s volunteering a pay cut 😂

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    1. Phew. L.A. Times advocating a pay cut?
      Helton is safe.

      Coach H is planning on honoring his contract til the bitter end.
      The PAC-11 is relieved.
      #’Stability within the program is important for recruiting’.

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      1. Coach Helton is “honoring” the part of his contract that requires USC to fly over his nest and deposit golden eggs……

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    2. And in real news….ruins continue to backpedal through life and sports….

      Hahahahaha #BasketballSchool-Yeah,Right.!.!.!

      Hahahahaha 💋

      That slow drip you hear is their life’s blood 🩸 being sucked out of their programs….

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      1. Hasn’t ruin spirit been so crushed by their 20 years of futility under Affirmative Action hire Chianti Dan and Chancellor Blockhead that there are no more ruin fan boards?

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      2. Not all that glimmers is gold…

        Some of these kids see something shiny and go gaga…


    1. He hasn’t really gotten down the whole “set the edge thingy” either. He’ll need to prove he can gain weight/strength to move inside.. if he does he could work himself into the same type situation as Antwaun Woods.

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  2. Helton has already confided to insiders (like Scott & me) that, although Alabama will hold fall practices, he wants to USC to go into the game unpracticed —“so we’ll be able to play loosey-goosey”……

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    1. Helton is lobbying the NCAA to move the lines (O & D) 6 feet away from each other at the line of scrimmage. Not to mention No under center snaps. Social distancing will be the new norm for Helton practices.

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      1. Yeah, I heard. He also wants the D-Line to count to 10 before rushing.

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  3. Remember that the states of CA, WA, OR and CO have formed a Covid alliance so hopefully they will discuss whether or not to reopen schools as a group or not.

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    1. I think any fair minded person would welcome an alliance of such virtuous states…..

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