USC Cracks Top 15

USC is ranked No. 12 by the Athletic’s Stewart Mandel’s top 25. It’s going to be easy to see people predicting 9 wins this season if there is a full season.

  • Keldrick Wilson, an offensive lineman graduate transfer from Hampton, said he narrowed his choices to USC, West Virginia, Indiana and Pitt.

But four weeks ago, the schools that offered him were USC, West Virginia, Indiana and Pitt. So where’s the narrowing?

It isn’t often you see a nice, high-quality photo of USC basketball in the 1970’s. Here’s the USC-Oregon game in 1975 featuring Gus Williams (10). Forwards John Lambert and Clint Chapman appear to be on either side of Williams.

Oregon All-American guard Ron Lee has the ball and All-American forward Greg Ballard. No. 35 is Ernie Kent.

The photo from the legendary photographer Neil Leifer of Sports Illustrated.

Photo by Neil Leifer/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images

11 thoughts on “USC Cracks Top 15

  1. Alabama 45 USC 13. That 15th ranking will drop to 20 after the first week of the season. 😂. Then Bozo Helton will pull out his book of excuses, and mist of them will be linked to the corona virus lay-off. 😂😷😂😷

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    1. I will cross my fingers for a game that is competitive, but a score like that ( which I will never endorse or advocate for) will be worth it if Helton gets fired.

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      1. Oh, that would get Helton’s ass fired alright, Arturo……


  2. …By golly I’m just so proud of our young men how they kept fighting. When we scored right before the half and got within three possessions at 28-7 I really felt the momentum was with us. After Alabama ran back the second half kickoff followed by two consecutive Pick 6’s I felt it may not be our day. You have to take your hats off to Nick and his team. When you look up in November you’re going to like what you see.
    -Coach Willy Loman

    Meanwhile back at campus SC is keeping the stimulus money as President “Let Them Eat Cake” rolls into her new $9MM beach crib. How has my beloved university become such a unmitigated shit show in just a few short years. Just make it stop!

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    1. TrojanZZZ, you just delivered a combination that will not soon be forgotten. Just wish it wasn’t so true.

      FYI, here is the link for the original “Death of a Salesman” – the opening credits and music are a classic:

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    2. TrojanZZZ — Let me let you in on a little secret: the 2020 Trojan football team will be the least of USC’s problems in 2020…..

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  3. No. 12? Really? Here’s what’s more likely:

    Alabama: L
    New Mexico: W
    Stanford: L
    Arizona St.: Pick
    Utah: L
    California: W
    Arizona: W
    Colorado: W
    Oregon: L
    Washington: Pick
    UCLA: L
    Notre Dame: L

    The losses I see at Utah and UCLA are only because (a) it’s Utah’s home game, and (b) Kelly is a better coach than Gomer, even if his record the last two years doesn’t show it. But even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then, so Gomer might luck out and get to 8 wins. And that is what’s so infuriating. The administration seems to have signaled that 8 wins is an acceptable standard.


    1. I would definitely give Arizona State the win, because Herm Edwards has been building a team the right way, and that’s from the inside out. And Clay Helton had a two year head start on Edwards, but his dumb ass is still scratching his head, and trying to figure things out. 😂


    2. I think maybe you need to take another look at the starting lineups for the Pac 12 teams you see us losing to, Sgt. Friday….

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