USC Guard Elijah Weaver Enters Transfer Portal

USC guard Elijah Weaver has entered the transfer portal, according to multiple reports.

He averaged 6.6 points and started 14 games last season. Now some graduate transfer can fill his spot.

USC’s entire 2018 recruting class (Kevin Porter, J’Raan Brooks, Elijah Weaver) is now gone.

So is every player from 2017 (Charles O’Bannon, Jordan Usher, Victor Uyaelunmo). If USC were Iowa or Wisconsin, you would see a lot of scrutiny about this. But all you get around here is administrators jumping around the court.

Weaver’s USC highlight will always be the 3-point shot to send the Stanford game into overtime.

5 thoughts on “USC Guard Elijah Weaver Enters Transfer Portal

  1. This isn’t news, it is the New Norm. College basketball, for better or worse, is now a world filled with the 1 and dones (this might be gone soon as well), I’d rather G- League-ers, I’ll turn pro somewhere else ( not in the US), and the Transfer Portal-ers. Not gonna change in the near future, but it will stabilize.



  2. Leaving a program where you’re the presumed starter bc you feel you can get more shine elsewhere/ people take your competition more seriously elsewhere is not what USC is supposed to be. In some perverse way I’d be happier if he was leaving bc of he had some trouble and needed a new start. Of course I wish him the best.


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