USC Administration Casts Doubt On Start Of Football Camp

USC announced that its second summer session from July 1-August 11 will be conducted online, just like its first summer session (May 20 –June 30).

This really throws into doubt the idea that football training camp will start the first week of August.

The provost also announced USC had no plans to provide tuition refunds for the Spring 2020 semester or upcoming summer sessions.

9 thoughts on “USC Administration Casts Doubt On Start Of Football Camp

  1. This cannot be! I expected USC to be first in state to courageously announce fall training camp plans and summer tuition refunds.

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      1. I don’t think Alabama is gonna let us off the hook without a big stink — we’d better be able to play some semblance of football by September 1st…. no amount of “correct” talk is gonna get Helton, Bohn and Folt outta this one…


  2. Clay “Bozo” Helton is currently typing up his book of excuses, so he should be ready and raring to go after the Alabama loss. 😂


  3. This is a mistake. They need to get back to the real world. Risk is part of life. Being alive is a risk everyday. No one promised us anything in life. This is part of the liberal mindset over taking our country. What happened to hard work, confronting obstacles and overcoming them and winning. That’s the American way. I understand why we did what we did for a month. But we have to get back to work and not starve to death. We owe it to these kids to lead the way. Not crawl away in a hole and die. What the heck happened to Fight On!

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    1. General Patton couldn’t have said it any better.


    2. Are you the dumb broad from Texas calling the after game show each
      week. ? Your state is complete shit so open your mouth wide and take
      in all the glorious germs. If not stay a conservative fool that you are.


  4. Fact: Alabama is on the USC football schedule for 2020
    Fact: USC did not lose to Alabama in 2020

    I’m putting that down as a W: Fight On!

    Yes, in the right circumstance (see above) Covid-19 can be your friend.


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