Believe It Or Not, Coaching Is Even More Important Now

With Elijah Weaver transferring, it means USC loses its top five scorers from last season.

That’s not ideal, obviously. I’m sure some will argue the grad transfers, etc. will make up for it.

But when you lose your top five scorers and all recruits from 2017-2018, it’s not any way to build a successful program.

I’ve called USC a Frankenstein team and it’s going to be even worse next season. Basically a bunch of transfers and a star recruit (Evan Mobley) complementing point guard Ethan Anderson.

It’s a situation where coaching is even more important, unfortunately for USC.

5 thoughts on “Believe It Or Not, Coaching Is Even More Important Now

  1. Not to nitpick, but “when you lose your top 5 scorers and all your recruits from 3 years ago, that is no way to build a successful program.”

    That happens to Kentucky most years, and they seem to do just fine.



  2. You just don’t see a potential starter transfer very often unless something is seriously wrong in the program. Not a good sign moving forward you are correct in building a program.
    I blame this one on the coaching staff just like football the players are not improving in the program.
    At this point in time I see USC in the bottom half of the conference next year unless they had a few more guards. Let’s hope that happens!


  3. Elijah Weaver was a big disappointment and I will say that I was wrong about him after believing what was written for his recruiting profiles and seeing a lot of his game tape. He was lost and played nervous it seemed almost every time with the exception of a few games that I can’t recall. But the part that is most disappointing is that Enfield spoke about how he felt Weaver was struggling but he thought that the tough experiences and learning moments were gonna be good for him to elevate his play into next season with him for sure getting more playing time.
    I’ll say he wasn’t strong enough mentally to have the ball in his possession at important times in the season. I hope he does well but he may be blowing an opportunity in my opinion.


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